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TBV Timeline

Last updated on 27-Dec-2008


14-Feb-2009, Landis returns to racing at the Amgen Tour of California.
31-Dec-2008, TBV closes shop.

5-Dec-2008 USADA and Landis settle Federal case, terms not disclosed. Consolidated docket.
2-Dec-2008, Kayle LeoGrande (Rock) given two year suspension on non-analytic positive.

24-Nov-2008, WADA, though not a party, admits spending $1.8 million to convict Landis.
16-Nov-2008, alive again, pointing to OUCH.
13-Nov-2008, ACE closes shop; Catlin may have urine Hgh test.
11-Nov-2008, Federal case moved back.

30-Oct-2008, Landis and OUCH, nee HealthNet-Maxxis announced. US schedule only.
5-Oct-2008, Bill Hue and Laura conquer Mt. Diablo, with
Primary Documents TBV cheering from home.
3-Oct-2008, We look at the Landis Federal complaint.
2-Oct-2008, Landis Federal Case hits Pacer.

28-Sep-2008, Landis files Federal case against USADA.
16-Sep-2008, AFLD is doing more tests of Tour blood samples.
10-Sep-2008, Landis rumored to be going to HealthNet-Maxxis.
9-Sep-2008, Shocker, Lance is making a comeback.

31-Aug-2008, Hamilton and Zabriskie win USPro road race and time trial; Beltran's Tour B sample positive.
24-Aug-2008, Doe (LeoGrande?) v. USADA dismissed.
18-Aug-2008, ASO and UCI kiss and make up.
Aug-2008, Mayo's appeal rejected.
11-Aug-2008, NYTimes says "let the games be doped." EPO positive for Olympic cyclist.
, Nature publishes Donald Berry editorial that points out problems with doing enforcement, citing Landis tests as examples of dicey statistics.
1-Aug-2008, Ricco suspended, Piepoli denying.

28-Jul-2008, more Tour positives expected.
27-Jul-2008, Strike four as the tour ends: Dmitry Fovonof; Bordry declares victory.
25-Jul-2008, Gusev sacked by Astana for internal profile violations.
24-Jul-2008, US Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy popped.
23-Jul-2008, Markers in CERA help testers?
22-Jul-2008, "Bad Science: The Floyd Landis Case" seminar for Forensic Scientists.
21-Jul-2008, Surprise tests by CONI as the Tour visits Italy.
20-Jul-2008, Ricco maybe confesses.
17-Jul-2008, Ricco taken off to jail.
16-Jul-2008, Duena positive at Tour.
15-Jul-2008, UCI ProTour implodes.
14-Jul-2008, Possible criminal charges for 2007 Tour positives Vino, Mayo, Moreni
11-Jul-2008, Beltran first positive at the Tour.
10-Jul-2008, USADA touts "My Victory" program.
8-Jul-2008, we get exhibits from the CAS case.
5-Jul-2008, Michael Rasmussen goes crazy.
4-Jul-2008, Gymnast Morgan Hamm given a warning for triamcinolone acetonide at US championships.
3-Jul-2008, we get CAS briefs and declarations.

30-Jun-2008, we post transcript of CAS hearing.
30-Jun-2008 Landis loses CAS appeal.
29-Jun-2008, Baker releases Wiki Defense 2.0.
27-Jun-2008, Gatlin case dismissed.
25-Jun-2008, the EPO test has problems, WADA blames the messengers.
17-Jun-2008, Boonen probably out of Tour over his cocaine flap.
, UCI throws a hissy fit and suspends French Cycling Federation. Catlin announces new firm.
10-Jun-2008, Tom Boonen OoC cocaine positive makes news.
9-Jun-2008, VS network signs five year Tour contract for $27 million.
6-Jun-2008, "Less testing" but "more targeted" at this year's Tour.
6-Jun-2008, CAS tells Gatlin to take a hike.
5-Jun-2008, Richard Young gets a promotion.

29-May-2008, Astorloa's departure from Giro now reportedly cause by "blood values"
27-May-2008, seems to go dark.
21-May-2008, Portuguese team LA MSS raided by police.
20-May-2008, Jeff Adams wins at CAS.
17-May-2008, Petacchi fired by Milram.
12-May-2008, Reports WADA is funding USADA's CAS case against Landis.
10-May-2008, Richeze positive at the Giro.

29-Apr-2008, WADA has a symposium in Sydney about "investagatory powers"
26-Apr-2008, TBV clocks it's millionth visit.
25-Apr-2008, Liquigas signs Basso, so much for ProTour "ethics"
19-Apr-2008, Landis 26th in the Cohutta 100.
14-Apr-2008, Ullrich settles German case with no admission of guilt.
8-Apr-2008, Trek and Greg LeMond go law suit crazy on each other.
4-Apr-2008, Tammy Thomas convicted of perjury.
3-Apr-2008, Pound not elected CAS president.
2-Apr-2008, Sabre rattling: Hgh test kits are claimed to be in Beijing (No positives emerge).

29-Mar-2008, UCI and WADA stop cooperating on "passport" program.
25-Mar-2008, UCI is not giving money to USADA to prosecute Landis.
23-Mar-2008, Landis CAS hearing closes.
21-Mar-2008, Study says a gene makes some people more or less likely to trip the T/E test.
20-Mar-2008, UCI sues Pound for defamation, probably to sink his candidacy for CAS President. (It works)
18-Mar-2008, Landis CAS hearing starts in NYC, running over Easter weekend.
17-Mar-2008, We hear WADA is paying Richard Young, not USADA, in the Landis CAS appeal.
12-Mar-2008, Dugard writes an odd piece saying Landis is guilty and fingered Lance.
6-Mar-2008, Sinkewicz not appealing his one-year suspension (for cooperation).
5-Mar-2008, UCI threatens Paris-Nice riders, later backs down.

27-Feb-2008, Fahey claims to have an Hgh test that will be ready for Beijing.
24-Feb-2008, Leipheimer wins the AToC
18-Feb-2008, AToC doesn't let Hamilton, Sevilla and Botero race for Rock, despite licenses in order.
15-Feb-2008, LeMond is happy that cycling is being brought to its knees. Biz partner Trek may disagree.
13-Feb-2008, Defending champ Contador won't be invited to the tour to punish Astana.
7-Feb-2008, President Bush pushes anti-doping treaty on the Senate.
5-Feb-2008, Captain Bike, Sheldon Brown, dies.

2-Feb-2008, we conclude Larry's Curb Your Anticipation

28-Jan-2008, we begin
Larry's Curb Your Anticipation
25-Jan-2008, Leukemens given two years for Testosterone.
, "John Doe" vs USADA reported to be Leogrande.
23-Jan-2008, two years for Mazzoleni; Gatlin files CAS appeal.
18-Jan-2008, Pointed Landis interview in VeloNews.
16-Jan-2008, Mitchell report hearings on PED use in baseball.
10-Jan-2008, Our 1000th post.
8-Jan-2008, Landis and Rock Racing rumors. Nothing happens.
1-Jan-2008, Gatlin sanctioned at AAA level; CAS appeal looms.

31-Dec-2007, Mr. Pound's last day at WADA.
19-Dec-2007, AFLD bans Landis in France.
14-Dec-2007, LaTasha Jenkins wins at CAS on a Landaluce problem.
13-Dec-2007, Mitchell Report on PEDs in baseball released.
10-Dec-2007, High Road, formerly T-Mobile, is going to use ACE.
7-Dec-2007, Baseball players suspended for Hgh use. 15 days.
6-Dec-2007, Vino gets a light one year.
4-Dec-2007, Analytical Chemistry looks at Landis case; Ascani two years for EPO.

30-Nov-2007, LNDD might have been improperly using different column types.
27-Nov-2007, T-Mobile bails on sponsorship -- it's now Team High Road. Landis expresses hopes (that will be dashed) for the aribtrators on his CAS panel.
21-Nov-2007, Leukemans suspended for 6:1 T/E.
20-Nov-2007, Landis files CAS brief.
15-Nov-2007, WADA and Pound crank up rhetoric and future punishments.
12-Nov-2007, Landis OpEd at TBV, the only thing he writes for us.
9-Nov-2007, CAS arbitrators selected.
8-N0v-2007, LeMond thinks anti-doping prosecution is slanted towards the athletes.
5-Nov-2007, We post a bunch of documents from the AAA hearing.
3-Nov-2007, Goldberger interviewed about the Landis case.

24-Oct-2007, Paris antidoping summit launches biological passport.
19-Oct-2007, Fahey is aghast at loopholes that nearly sank the Landis case.
18-Oct-2007, AFLD reopens its Landis case, possibly scared by CAS appeal.
15-Oct-2007, Peirero gets his Yellow Jersey in small ceremony.
10-Oct-2007, Landis appeal to CAS announced, probably filed on the 8th.
2-Oct-2007, Hue reviews the decision: WADA exists to convict dopers. Period.

20-Sep-2007, 2-1 Split decision against Landis announced.
12-Sep-2007, Panel confers, hearing is closed. 10 day clock starts.
12-Sep-2007, John LeLangue hired by BMC Cycling team as DS.
11-Sep-2007, UCI says Valverde can't come to the Worlds, admitting no basis to exclude him.
09-Sep-2007, Asafa Powell breaks 100m world record he shared with Gatlin. Test results not announced.
08-Sep-2007, Landis rides Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif
07-Sep-2007, Valverde is victim of UCI bungling whereabouts forms.
06-Sep-2007, Bruyneel talking with Astana.
06-Sep-2007, CyclingNews letter writer backpedals, possibly browbeaten by LeMond.
02-Sep-2007, Landis rides Shenandoah Mtn 100, finishing 3rd.

31-Aug-2007, CyclingNews letter asks LeMond what he got for his soul.
30-Aug-2007, UCI wants to ban Valverde from the World Championships.
27-Aug-2007, McQuaid says LeMond is not above suspicion.
27-Aug-2007, Kasheckin offers a bizarre defense.
26-Aug-2007, Mayo's B results "due tomorrow"; unseen as of 14-Sep.
25-Aug-2007, Greg LeMond tosses more bombs.
24-Aug-2007, IOC says it will ban dopers from the "next Olympics", even if their bans have been served, so there.
22-Aug-2007, McQuaid and LeClerc trade jabs about negotiating the future of Pro Cycling.
22-Aug-2007, some BHR hips are recalled.
22-Aug-2007, Reports
Kashechkin's B test is negative, unconfirmed.
19-Aug-2007, Vino complains testing violates his "human rights." World laughs.
19-Aug-2007, NYT Magazine article on Landis, The Outcast, published.
16-Aug-2007, Ian Thorpe cleared.
14-Aug-2007, Joe Papp makes an appearance in Flordia.
13-Aug-2007, Developments in case of Fertonani, another LNDD testosterone positive.
11-Aug-2007, Landis 2nd at Leadville 100, breaking old record.
11-Aug-2007, Rant-your-head-off anniversary.
10-Aug-2007, Tailwind announces closing of Discovery team.
5-Aug-2007, Landis rides Coloroado Copper Triangle event as tuneup for Leadville.
5-Aug-2007, Landis firing by Phonak one year ago noted by many media.
1-Aug-2007, BMC cancels support of Astana, takes bikes home.
1-Aug-2007, ESPN2 talks with Ma and Pa Landis.,

31-July-2007, No charges against Geoghegan, LeMond still steaming.
30-Jul-2007, Landis does Colorado Eagle River Ride.
30-Jul-2007, Mayo positive for EPO.
29-Jul-2007, TBV is one year old.
28-Jul-2007, Jacobs and Suh looking into Vino's case.
28-Jul-2007, Lemonde after Contador.
28-Jul-2007, Landis stops watching the Tour, goes to Colorado to train for Leadville.
27-Jul-2007, One year ago, Landis's rest results leak, and the mess begins.
27-Jul-2007, Contador looks troubled by wearing yellow.
26-Jul-2007, French Press writes of the death of the Tour.
25-Jul-2007, Moreni was the testosterone positive. Cofidis withdraws.
25-Jul-2007, Rasmussen pulled from tour and fired by Rabobank.
24-Jul-2007, Vino reported positive for blood doping; Astana withdraws.
23-Jul-2007, Anniversary of Landis TdF win.
23-Jul-2007, Vino wins stage after losing 30 minutes yesterday.
20-Jul-2007, Anniversary of Landis' Stage 17 win.
19-Jul-2007, Rumor of positive (Rasmussen?) at the Tour.
17-Jul-2007, Landis on NPR/KPPC fires back at LeMond.
16-Jul-2007, USADA "pledge" program with American College of Sports Medicine.
14-July-2007, LeMond talks to L'Express.
11-Jul-2007, Our Report Card on the Hearing.
11-July-2007, TBV takes a beating on DPF.
11-July-2007, Landis on NPR "Talk of the Nation."
8-Jul-2007, SD Union Tribune/Zeigler find Tour hematocrit values, and finds experts who deem them suspicious. Goes nowhere except for periodic re-surfacing by Landis critics.
8-Jul-2007, Positively False touches the Best Seller lists.
7-Jul-2007, VS coverage of the Tour starts with Landis.
5-Jul-2007, Speculation Landis decision will be "tomorrow". Ha, ha!
5-Jul-2007, Landis being written out of Tour histories.
4-Jul-2007, Armstrong still believes Landis innocent.
1-Jul-2007, Kimmage does a love-fest interview with LeMond. News: cycling has a doping problem, and Greg was the last clean winner.

28-Jun-2007, Lance goes partly open in response to Walsh.
27-Jun-2007, Walsh's "From Lance to Landis" available, and TBV reviews.
26-Jun-2007, Baker's Wiki Defense available, and TBV reviews.
26-Jun-2007, Landis on CBS Early Show, grilled by Harry Smith. Tour de Book begins.
26-Jun-2007, Positively False goes on sale.
22-Jun-2007, Astana says they are some of the MiB, and what's the problem?
21-Jun-2007, TBV gets and reviews Positively False.
21-Jun-2007, Hearing transcripts are available for download, all 1800 pages of them.
20-Jun-2007, UCI announces scrutiny of the "Men in Black".
19-Jun-2007, UCI announces "pledge" program for riders.
17-Jun-2007, Many, but not all, hearing exhibits are available.
16-Jun-2007, Hearing video archives established for download.
15-Jun-2007, Positively False, Landis' book, gets early distribution, and NYT starts the stream of articles.
13-Jun-2007, "non-negatives" reported from the Giro.
6-Jun-2007, Bjarne Riis admits using EPO in his only Tour win.
3-Jul-2007, Landis 8th in Teva time trial won by the impossible Ned Overend.
2-Jul-2007, Landis races in the Teva Mountain games and finishes 27th. Too many donuts, not enough training lately.
1-Jun-2007, TBV abandons anonymous comments.
25-May-2007, Papp suspension announced.
25-May-2007, Bjarne Riis confesses EPO use in winning 1996 tour.
24-May-2007, Zabel, Aldreg confess EPO use at Telekom
23-May-2007, Hearing: Davis, Brenna, Davis, Closing arguments.
22-May-2007, Hearing: Landis, Davis
21-May-2007, Hearing: Meier-Augenstein, Amory
19-May-2007, Hearing: Schanzer, Catlin, Landis
18-May-2007, Hearing: Ayotte, Buisson, Papp, Goldberger
18-May-2007, McQuaid threatens CAS appeal in Landis case.
17-May-2007, Geoghegan Fired.
17-May-2007, Hearing: Frelat, Lemond, Ayotte
16-May-2007, The Call: Geoghegan calls Lemond.
16-May-2007, Hearing: Mongongu
15-May-2007, Hearing; Brenna; Mongongu
14-May-2007, Hearing begins; Opening statements, Shackleton, Brenna;
11-May-2007, Landis says USADA offered deal to get Armstrong.
10-May-2007, Italian inquiry into Basso.
9-May-2007, Tinkoff suspends Hamilton, Hondo, Jaksche
7-May-2007, Basso admits Puerto involvement.
3-May-2007, T-Mobile suspends doctors.
3-May-2007, Tygart speaks to Velonews.
1-May-2007, USADA thinks about jettisoning it's gag rule.

30-Apr-2007, Were new B tests footbullets for USADA?
30-Apr-2007, 49 more riders implicated in Puerto.
30-Apr-2007, No postponement because of B's.
30-Apr-2007, AFLD getting "independant" look at LNDD.
30-Apr-2007, Hue's "No Sense of Decency?" ad Daily Peloton.
29-Apr-2007, Landis says LNDD deleted files.
28-Apr-2007, T-Mobile doctor said to give Ullrich EPO.
28-Apr-2007, Free Floyd Mugs arrive.
27-Apr-2007, Breaking Away, imagining a USADA cave-in.
26-Apr-2007, Whistleblower documents shown completely.
25-Apr-2007, Landis may declare bankruptcy.
25-Apr-2007, Sally Jenkins as Wash Post says system is botched.
25-Apr-2007, Lance still backing Floyd.
24-Apr-2007, Landis requests delay because of the B's, later denied.
23-Apr-2007, Storm over leaked results.
23-Apr-2007, Landis claims observers locked out.
18-Apr-2007, Free Floyd Mugs available for order.
17-Apr-2007, FFF/Austin; hints new B tests are being botched.
16-Apr-2007, Judging Floyd, Part IV -- the Interlocutory Order
16-Apr-2007, FFF complains about USADA discovery request contents (donor lists!)
16-Apr-2007, New testing of non-stage 17 B samples begins at LNDD.
13-Apr-2007, FFF radio spot noticed.
12-Apr-2007, We show USADA document request.
12-Apr-2007, Landis complains about using LNDD, USADA not splitting samples.
11-Apr-2007, Landis to do Teva Mt. Games on June 2-3.
11-Apr-2007, UCLA "machine is down", can't do any testing.
11-Apr-2007, Arbitration decision allows B sample testing, gives Landis discovery but not depositions.
3-Apr-2007, Ullrich's DNA matches some OP blood.
1-Apr-2007, Ian Thorpe, star AUS swimmer, has non-prosecuted tests leaked, by L'Equipe.

30-Mar-2007, Landis does Cycleops Trainer event in SF, with interviews.
30-Mar-2007, TBV March Report (no Feb was done).
28-Mar-2007, Where are the data files? It turns out later, copied to CD or deleted.
27-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd, part III, hearing overview.
27-Mar-2007, Slide show 3.0 released.
25-Mar-2007, Homecoming weekend in Lancaster.
23-Mar-2007, ADA is going to pay some of Turnbull's expenses. He was cleared of T/E violation because of alcohol.
22-Mar-2007, DPF discussion reveals importance of the data files.
20-Mar-2007, Mr. Pound is interested in being the CAS President.
19-Mar-2007, FFF/Lancaster sold out, new show added.
17-Mar-2007, Landis at National Bike Summit in DC, also lobbying.
14-Mar-2007, Hiltzik "cleared" of sock-puppeting DPF
12-Mar-2007, Catlin announces retirement.
12-Mar-2007, Klass Farber chimes in on 0.8 measurement error and thesholds.
11-Mar-2007, FFF Denver.
10-Mar-2007, FFF Chicago
9-Mar-2007, UCI announces "100% against doping" program.
8-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd, Part II, arbitration
7-Mar-2007, Terry Madden retiring from USADA
6-Mar-2007, Hiltzik does a chat at DPF.'
5-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd Part I, getting a case.
2-mar-2007, On "A Technicality"
2-Mar-2007, Independant (UK) article on the case.
1-Mar-2007, Steroid ring bust in Florida.

27-Feb-2007, We look at the paper Baker cites to support subtracting 0.8 uncertainty.
27-Feb-2007, Chris Fortune of Saris sends a letter to many industry people.
25-Feb-2007, Times (UK) interview
23-Feb-2007, Bunch of articles about procedural flaws at LNDD.
23-Feb-2007, You3 starts figuring out the T/E tests at DPF
22-Feb-2007, FFF/San Jose
21-Feb-2007, Landis interview on KCBS-5 TV, San Francisco
19-Feb-2007, Landis welcomed at Tour of California
18-Feb-2007, 1000 protesters march in Spain in favor of Peirero.
18-Feb-2007, FFF/SF event with new data. Landis starts wearing a suit in public.
18-Feb-2007, Tour of California start.
8-Feb-2007, Arbitrators are named publicly
8-Feb-2007, AFLD stays proceedings, with drama.
8-Feb-2007, Story breaks that USADA asked to test 8 more B samples.
7-Feb-2008, FFF/Landis event in Brooklyn.
7-Feb-2008, Henson/Baker conference call announces hearing date.
7-Feb-2008, Many outlets expect AFLD ban tomorrow.
6-Feb-2008, NYVeloCity "roller races" get some special visitors.
6-Feb-2007, Dugard notes ASO is feeling the heat.
5-Feb-2007, Landis statement chastises headline hounds without naming Wiggins.
4-Feb-2007, Strbuk leaks the kick-ass brownie recipe that fattened Landis.
3-Feb-2007, Wiggins is ashamed to be a cyclist, and sickened by Landis.
2-Feb-2007, debate whether DP Tygart interview was "softball" rages.
1-Feb-2007, Lelangue is quoted as saying "Landis Betrayed Me!"; world yawns.

31-Jan-2007, CyclingPost thinks Landis is mentally ill for saying something "is depressing."
30-Jan-2007, Date of Landis letter read to AFLD on Feb 8th.
30-Jan-2007, TBV monthly report, a day late.
29-Jan-2007, Prudhomme, Tour Director, is annoyed at the lack of resolution.
29-Jan-2007, ESPN writes Landis has written off the season.
29-Jan-2007, Daily Peloton interview with Tygart of USADA.
28-Jan-2007, Peirero let off the hook, but still waiting for an apology.
27-Jan-2007, Landis blasts Mr. Pounds claims of involvement with AFLD
26-Jan-2007, Landis said to be asking AFLD for a stay.
25-Jan-2007, Hiltzik continues with story of Lausanne WADA conference.
24-Jan-2007, Mr. Pound is annoyed at slow cases, claims influence on AFLD.
23-Jan-2007, Lefevere of QuickStep runs into his own buzzsaw.
21-Jan-2007, Landis runs his Power Camp, gets a custom bike, and does extensive riding.
21-Jan-2007, Rumours of Landis to Slipstream.
16-Jan,2007, NPR runs story about Landis.
16-Jan-2007, Peirero has a dustup with AFLD over a TUE
15-Jan-2007, Hiltzik series continues on updates to WADA code.
12-Jan-2007, French schedule a hearing for 8-Feb.
10-Jan-2007, Landis "Town Hall" in Arlington VA.
, Landis adds Maurice Suh to Legal team.
8-Jan-2007, Landis responds to Pound in NYT and Wired, widely carried.
6-Jan-2007, New York Times Magazine on Pound, Landis.
5-Jan-2007, Landis distances himself from, but compliments TBV
4-Jan-2007, John Lelangue acts betrayed.
4-Jan-2007, Floyd Fairness Fund (FFF) opened.
3-Jan-2007, CBC National TV on Landis, Cycling doping.
1-Jan-2007, Landis Daily Peloton interview.

29-Dec-2006, TBV December report.
28-Dec-2006, Wired article on Pound, Landis.
28-Dec-2006, Lance ducks Landis at Leadville.
27-Dec-2006, NPR story, "Cycling ends an ugly year"
19-Dec-2006, Landaluze acquitted because of LNDD error.
23-Dec-2006, LA Times report on Landis case.
23-Dec-2006, Landis announces Leadville appearance
19-Dec-2006, Landaluze wins CAS decision, Landis claims win.
17-Dec-2006, David Witt Memorial Cycling Classic, sounds fun.
17-Dec-2006, Daily News interview more measured.
16-Dec-2006, Dutch interviews read as giving up career.
09-Dec-2006, LA Times series on doping enforcement.
07-Dec-2006, Velonews story includes USADA's "anti-slideshow 2.0"
06-Dec-2006, Basso thinks Peirero is the "moral" winner.
05-Dec-2006, TE Testing calibration questioned.

30-Nov-2006, Better CIR science arguments emerge via Duckstrap.
29-Nov-2006, TBV monthly report.
28-Nov-2006, The Post, Landis shoots back at Lemond, then goes silent on DPF
25-Nov-2006, Landis says arbitrators have been selected, no names given.
, Landis hints he has WADA scientists who will testify his CIR is negative.
Zorzoli talking about lowering Testosterone limits with AIMEC.
, Stade 2 story on hacker and hacker documents.
, Arnie Baker Slideshow 2.1 in Tucson.
16-Nov-2006, Abt says Hacker docs look real and damning; wants more.
, LNDD admits "typing errors"
Story breaks about lab computer hacking and leaked files.
12-Nov-2006 Landis Interview on French TV Stade 2 broadcast
9-Nov-2006, Hacker documents physically mailed according to Abt.
7-Nov-2006 Bordry files Police complaint about hacking into lab.
6-Nov-2006 Landis tapes interview for French TV. Answers question about lab.

5-Nov-2006, TBV begins correspondence review with "No documents for you!" with letters provided by Landis.
, USADA rejects document demand of 16-Oct, will not provide longitudinal data promised on 13-Oct.
1-Nov-2006, USADA tells AAA to proceed, no single CAS hearing.
1-Nov-2006, Landis warns delay producing longitudinal data is prejudicial.
1-Nov-2006, replying to previous requests, USADA says wait for longitudinal data.

, TBV Quarterly Report
26-Oct-2006, To
ur Route presentation in Paris.
26-Oct-2006, Landis repeats request for longitudinal data.
23-Oct-2006, Landis describes public hearing, offers to trade comment for documents.
23-Oct-2006, USADA tells AAA it may be a single CAS hearing.
20-Oct-2006, Appearance in Madison Wisc., "take down the UCI"
19-Oct-2006, USADA asks for proposal about what a public hearing might be.
Arnie Baker talk at SD Trek; Justin covers; audio, video
18-Oct-2006, USADA complains about answering their questions.
17-Oct-2006, Landis says Malibu has hotels, "public" means public.
17-Oct-2006, USADA doesn't know what "public" means.
16-Oct-2006 Landis makes Demand to USADA for documents.
16-Oct-2006, Landis give Conditions for single CAS hearing.
13-Oct-2006, UCI promises longitudinal data, proposes single CAS hearing.
12-0ct-2006, Landis releases documents as promised
10-Oct-2006, AAA requests "contentions" about hearing and location.
9-Oct-2006, Landis asks UCI for longitudinal data.

8-Oct-2006, Landis admits being the Ferret, Daily Peloton Forum appearance.
, AAA acknowledges Malibu as location and lays things out.
, USADA commences AAA proceedings.

30-Sep-2006, first Ferret document.
, Landis officially demands public hearing.
29-Sep-2006, TBV two month status review.
27-Sep-2006, Hip surgery performed.
27-Sep-2006, ASO head Clerc asserts Landis is guilty.
24-Sep-2006, Rumour ADRB couldn't get LDP translated.
23-Sep-2006, McQuaid calls for Pound's removal
ADRB decision announced, Landis preparing appeal, hip surgery.
16-Sep-2006, WADA is "monitoring" the case, via CyclingNews.
??-Sep-2006, LNDD notices access to Lab computers?
13-Sep-2006, Hacker alleged mails from LNDD to Swimming federations
13-Sep-2006, SD Paper reports Landis/Armstrong deal offer.
11-Sep-2006, Landis filing request for ADRB to dismiss.
CAS Decision on Barry Forde.
8-Sep-2006, Landis intending to file request for dismissal.

31-Aug-2006, Landis receives LDP, without longitudinal data.
29-Aug-2006, TBV One month status review.
15-Aug-2006, David Witt suicide.
15-Aug-2006, Landis open letter to Phonak cycling team.
15-Aug-2006, Phonak announces plan to disband.
15-Aug-2006, Tom Prail claims first noticed.
12-Aug-2006, Armstrong advises going silent.
9-Aug-2006, Dick Pound introduces "Nazi Frogmen" to the discussion.
8-Aug-2006, Tells Union Tribune he'll retire if he loses.
7-Aug-2006, USADA asks UCI for LDP and longitudinal data.
7-Aug-2006, Landis on Leno
7-Aug-2006, Landis raises "agenda" in TV interview, via CyclingNews.
7-Aug-2006, USA Cycling refers to USADA, via CyclingNews.
5-Aug-2006, Landis response to UCI B sample announcement.
5-Aug-2006, Phonak announces termination.
5-Aug-2006, UCI announces B sample positive
4-Aug-2006, Landis asks readers to Keep the Faith
3-Aug-2006, B Sample test performed, via CyclingNews.
1-Aug-2006, UCI Leaks positive A sample CIR finding, via CyclingNews
1-Aug-2006, UCI orders B sample test, via CyclingNews.

29-Jul-2006, Landis on Larry King.
29-Jul-2006, First edition of TBV.
28-Jul-2006, Landis first round of TV interviews.
28-Jul-2006, Landis press conference from Madrid, via CyclingNews.
28-Jul-2006, Landis denies doping, via CyclingNews.
28-Jul-2006, USA Cycling says it won't be commenting, via CyclingNews.
27-Jul-2006, Phonak confirms AAF is Landis, suspends, via CyclingNews.
26-Jul-2006, UCI announces AAF at Tour.
26-Jul-2006, Landis wins Tour, starts Foundation
24-Jul-2006, Phonak celebrates Paris in Yellow.
23-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 20.
22-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey blood and urine after Stage 19.
20-Jul-2006, Landis stage win urine after Stage 17.
18-Jul-2006, Landis
yellow jersey urine after Stage 15.
14-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 12.
13-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 11.
11-Jul-2006, Landis random blood and urine after Stage 9.
6-Jul-2006, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Basketball Fed.
5-Jul-2006, Landis random urine after Stage 3.
5-Jul-2006, UCI Announces all pre-tour OOC tests negatives.
28-Mar-2006, Dr. Zorzoli suspension by UCI over.
28-Feb-2006, Dr. Zorzoli suspended by UCI over role in the L'Equipe, Armstrong, LNDD, EPO affair.

17-Nov-2005, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Fed of Associations.
10-May-2005, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Squash Fed.

13-Jan-2004, One year later, reflects on injury.

28-Jan-2003, tells a story about breaking his hip.

Test data from the Laboratory Documentation Package (LDP):


USADA_278 sample B, quantification of T/E=10.9, op #23 at 7:39 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 18:43 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_279 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.0, op #23 at 7:35 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:14 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_281 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.1, op #23 at 7:36 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:45 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_283 sample B, quantification of free T&E, op #23 date acquired 3-Aug-06 20:16


USADA_288 sample B, T/E confirmation = 7.7 to 14.3

USADA_352 sample B, GC/C/IRMS conclusion (form dtd 24/11/05)


USADA_101 sample A, T/E=8 to 14.8 confirmation (form dtd 29/5/06)

USADA_057 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=5.1 operator #10
USADA_009 sample A, GC/C/IRMS conclusion


USADA_175 CG/C/IRMS validation of calibration of 9-May-06
USADA_092 sample A, quantification T/E (3 points) T/E=11.4 at 5:17 PM, date acquired 24-Jul-06 13:28 last calibration update 24-Jul-06 17:15

USADA_091 sample A, metabolite quantification graphs
USADA_082 sample A, ion/dwell in group


USADA_177 Stabalite 3, reference graph data
USADA_176 sample A, GC graphs
USADA_131 sample A, IRMS metabolites verification graphs


USADA_051 steroid screen calibration, operator #18
USADA_054 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=4.9 operator #18


USADA_060 steroid screen calibration, operator #37


USADA_024 transport control form

Missing history - anybody who finds a reference link gets 5 TBV bonus points.

moves to Phonak
phonak turmoil
2005 season
2006 wins ToC
2006 wins Paris-Nice
2006 wins ToG
2006 Dauphine
Gets pre-tour cortisone.
Wins Crit.
not seen at crit

Missing Detailed timeline of first few days/week. Refer to Amber Landis interview.


Anonymous said...

It would be great to add the dates of each of the lab tests. (Some of the sample A tests were across multiple days.)

Also, if would be informative to include all the dates that Floyd gave samples for testing, i.e. every day he was in yellow or won the stage. How may samples did he give anyway?


DBrower said...

Go through the LDP, collect what they are, and I'll add them. I just put in the collection data.


Anonymous said...

These are the LDP documents I had already reviewed chronologically:

04-Aug-06 USADA_278 sample B, quantification of T/E=10.9, op #23
at 7:39 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 18:43
last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32
USADA_279 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.0, op #23
at 7:35 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:14
last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32
USADA_281 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.1, op #23
at 7:36 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:45
last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32
USADA_283 sample B, quantification of free T&E, op #23
date acquired 3-Aug-06 20:16
03-Aug-06 USADA_288 sample B, T/E confirmation = 7.7 to 14.3
USADA_352 sample B, GC/C/IRMS conclusion (form dtd 24/11/05)
25-Jul-06 USADA_101 sample A, T/E=8 to 14.8 confirmation
(form dtd 29/5/06)
USADA_057 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=5.1 operator #10
USADA_009 sample A, GC/C/IRMS conclusion
24-Jul-06 USADA_175 CG/C/IRMS validation of calibration of 9-May-06
USADA_092 sample A, quantification T/E (3 points) T/E=11.4
at 5:17 PM, date acquired 24-Jul-06 13:28
last calibration update 24-Jul-06 17:15
USADA_091 sample A, metabolite quantification graphs
USADA_082 sample A, ion/dwell in group
23-Jul-06 USADA_177 Stabalite 3, reference graph data
USADA_176 sample A, GC graphs
USADA_131 sample A, IRMS metabolites verification graphs
22-Jul-06 USADA_051 steroid screen calibration, operator #18
USADA_054 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=4.9 operator #18
21-Jul-06 USADA_060 steroid screen calibration, operator #37
20-Jul-06 USADA_024 transport control form