Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Roundup

The CyclingNews writes about yesterday's meeting between TdF boss Christian Prudhomme and Quick Step's Patrick Lefevere concerning the very slim possibility that Tom Boonen could, after all, ride the Tour:

"They didn't say yes and they didn't say no," Lefevere reported. "We were well received and had a good discussion. The important thing is that they listed to us. We told them how it works in Flanders. But they had their arguments, too. We have no deadline for a decision."

A later edition of CyclingNews says Robbie McEwen did nothing to endear himself to fans and fellow riders alike at the Tour of Switzerland. Or maybe did something positively un-endearing, calling it "F***g Switzerland". Fabian Cancellara, among others, is not amused. And fellow Aussie Nathan O'Neill has received a 15 month ban for testing positive for Phentermine, an appetite suppressant.

The LA Times reports on the unlikely marketing and sponsorhip partnership between the ASO, owners of the Tour de France, and AEG, who has the Tour of California.

The NY Times
tells the story of how all of this blogging, sharing of information, "netwebbing," etc. might have started in the mind of obscure Belgian Paul Otley in 1934. It doesn't have much relevancy to the doping in cycling issue, but we thought it was interesting to read about his conception of "electric telescopes".

CyclingWeekly makes a joke of this years final stage going by Chatenay-Malabry. It did last year too. As well as a certain doping lab, it's the home to the ASO and L'Equipe.

The Sports Academic modestly suggests that, since they decide the races anyway, we should cut out the middlemen wearing Lycra and have the lab techs ride the races. In their lab coats.


Eightzero said...

Ya gotta love the spin in Boonenville. I have nothing against Tornado Tom, and I admire him in many ways. Young, fast, dedicated, handsome (ok, he’s everything I’m not…) but I really have to wonder about this spin fest. Aside from the nazi frogmen issue, exactly how *does* it “work in Flanders?” What does that mean? If the QS team says there is no deadline for deciding if TT will ride le Coup de France, how does this measure up to the expectations of the QS team owner? How well will that corporation take to having spent many millions sponsoring a team, buying advertising on *French* TV to feature TT, and then be told “Sorry, no thanks”? I’m just guessing here, but could it be about the money? Could Belgian cycling fans be more important to the ASO Crime Syndicate than a consortium of Kazakh companies?

How ironic could it be for ASO to keep ‘em on tenderhooks to the last minute, milk the free drama/advertising, then let TT into the race with some sort of explanation that the test wasn’t for PEDs, wasn’t a banned substance, was conducted tested incorrectly (by the Evil UCI™ Who Can’t Be Trusted) or similar foolishness? I really, really hope the press catches on to the very obvious process here. In the world’s most famous cycling race, the rules are being made up as they go, the athletes are being exploited, and those that don’t play along can find another game to play. These are ASO’s toys, and they’re not willing to share. Even Versus’ “take back the tour” announcement takes place under a license from ASO.

On matters far more important, I worry *which* hip Floyd hit in the Mohican 100.

Unknown said...

ASO and L'Equipe are not headquartered in Chatenay-Malabry. They are in Issy-Les Moulineaux.

bobble said...

Geez let's just call it what is...

The ASO is a bunch of hypocritical money whores (can I say that here?) and Lefevere is just an ASO boot licking hypocrite.

Feel free to quote me on that.

That's Bob, B-o-b. Lefevere can call me for any clarification on that point.

DBrower said...


I see by the map the two locations are about 6km apart, with L'Equipe essentially due North of the LNDD. Why is that most reports put them so close that they are said to be in the same neighborhood? We admit to repeating the same claim.



Unknown said...

As of seventeen minutes ago, central time, it is June 18, 2008.

Will the CAS decision ever come?

In case everyone forgot, I mean the one about Floyd Landis.

This sucks.


Larry said...

Mike, I remember 9 months ago we were all impatient to receive the first decision. THAT wait also sucked, but the decision was worse.

Chances are pretty good that history will repeat itself.

Even if Floyd manages to win at the CAS, he'll still have lost 2+ years of his road racing career, which is the same punishment decreed in Malibu. So win or lose, he loses.

I see no reason for impatience. I can imagine nothing in this case that is worth looking forward to.

Unknown said...

Hey Larry. Judge Bill said that the longer it takes the better it is for Landis. Not racing wise, of course, but in terms of likelihood of a good decision. So, I guess I am the slightest bit hopeful.

I know nothing can bring back two years of racing, but there is the matter of honor and truth, which I think Landis still cares about.

Here's hoping...


Larry said...

Mike, I agree with Judge Hue that in legal proceedings generally, longer delay correlates with greater thought on the part of the decision maker, which might be good news for the accused. However, there are many other non-substantive indicators that are against Landis in this case. I expect the worst.