Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The VeloNews' letters column posts some thought provoking notes about the relative lack of safety facing cyclists on the road.

Sportingo expresses its opinion that a drug free Olympics during the "year of the Rat", and in this time of the quest for the "Uber" performance, is not likely. It cites Floyd Landis, among others, as examples of US "drug cheats" who are "bad examples" for youth, and take away from those who would compete cleanly. Sigh...

Racejunkie thinks Pat McQuaid should stop squawking about the ASO and the FCC running the Tour de France considering the UCI's recent "history" with the race.

provides trailers and stills from "Bigger, Stronger, Faster".

Dan is on a bike ride from St. Augustine FL to San Diego, and just experienced a stage 16 bonk followed by a good day. He thinks Landis was framed.

ESPN's Olympic sports index links to a number of articles and remembrances for "Wide World of Sports' " and Olympics broadcaster Jim McKay who died yesterday. Though not directly related to cycling or the topics covered here, if you liked sports growing up at a certain time in the United States McKay's voice and presence was sports coverage. The exposure given to many athletic genres, so called "niche" sporting events, would likely not have been possible without ABC and McKay. Who else would have brought us figure eight racing from Islip Long Island, or ice barrel jumping from Quebec and done it with dignity and respect for the competitors?