Thursday, June 05, 2008

TBV Triathalon: Diablo Registration Open

The next milepost towards the TBV Triathalon* has been reached with opening of on-line registration for the Diablo Challenge. One reason to register early is to get placed in an appropriate start wave based on guesstimated finishing time.

To get a good guesstimate, use this Lim calculator and plug in your values, 10.8 miles, and 3270 feet and you'll be pretty close. If you don't have power numbers, use the scale on the right to ballpark your power/weight, and multiply by your weight in KG. If you're an active but sub-Cat 5 like TBV right now, you'll be somewhere between 2.5 and 3 w/kg.

If you're a true couch potato, figure 1.8 to 2.0 W/KG and pack snacks for breaks at South Gate, Junction, and Juniper, because it'll take you a while and you might as well enjoy the day on the mountain.

If you're a 150 lb rider with a 16 lb bike, you need to pull 343 watts to tie the current 45 minute record, and 400 to crush it down to 40 minutes flat. On the Joux-Plane at the end of Stage 17, Landis did 373 watts for 7.3 miles on the 8.5% grade.

We're registered now. If you think you might come, please let us know.

*triathalon, tri-ath-A-lon, n., an unsanctioned semi-sporting event of three disciplines selected by the organizer, with at least one involving real sweat, and another requiring consumption of tasty food and beverage in a social setting. Term originated by Elden Nelson, The Fat Cyclist.


TiGirl said...

Well, I'm signed all I have to do is get a bike rack for my pedal boat so I can afford to get to the mainland to do the race/triathalon....(pray for calm seas, would you?)

Wonder if Saris makes a bike rack for a pedal boat with a power meter, too????

Hey Whareagle...would the ibike work on a pedal boat???


whareagle said...

Actually, yeah - we're expanding in to boats, tennis rackets, XC Skis, golf driver heads. I'll never have to work again! ;)

PS - TBV'ers, the irony of the quote about T & F and proving innocence is sour, but appropriate. A must read.

strbuk said...

Well this is fine thing. You all will be having fun and I can't even think of coming!! I am "pea green" :-)


Ali said...

You can thank the Atlantic Ocean for protecting the Diablo record from a humiliating thrashing at the hands of Hillmeister Ali.

I can thank the Atlantic Ocean for providing the ideal excuse for not having to demonstrate my completely bogus claims (phew !)

Ali :-)

Pommi said...

It's only June, I'll make up my mind later. Apart from my two known goals, if I start, the third goal is to catch TBV before he finishes. Last year, I started 5 minutes later, but came in 40s after him ;-)