Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Roundup

At Dana Point yesterday, 5th place finisher Jared Shier got a picture with Landis, who must have gotten back from Ohio without a flight cancellation and further fiasco.

Press Releases
TAS-CAS has issued a release not yet on their site saying that D'Arcy is being bounced back to the Australian Olympic Committee, and won't be decided by the CAS Panel.

The NY Times prints what lots of people must be thinking about the track and field records broken this past weekend: are they legit or dope assisted? It's the ugly little thought that will unfortunately creep into many minds about standout performances in track, as well as cycling, (and swimming?) for a long time to come.


Brad Wilhelm (3rd overall) writes his report of the happenings at Saturday's Mohican 100. Sounds like a very hard day was had by many, but Brad came out happy.

Another race report from Gorman's Garage is here. He has a few words on the damage done by horses to wet trails, venting about the "horses yes, bikes no" crowd. We'll say no more to avoid baiting the Vandemonster.

Steevo recounts his Mohican 100 experiences and says Landis was in the "pain box" when he passed him.

Feel It's race report from the Mohican says that Floyd Landis "landed on his hip in the first few miles and suddenly disappeared", first we've heard of that one, hope whichever hip it was held up OK.

Rant covers several subjects today including; Floyd Landis' horrible luck this weekend in Ohio, the unexpected Contador victory in the Giro, the responsibilities of those who are expressing opinions to get their facts straight before they spew, and old friend Juliet Macur of the NY Times who leaves out important parts of the story about doping and the upcoming Olympics.

94.5 Kfm Sport gets Alberto Contador mixed up with Oscar Pereiro.

Racejunkie presents the vaunted "The 2008 Racejunkie Giro D'Italia Awards".

Joe Biker posts more about his weekend at the Mohican 100 which included a friendly brew and chat with Floyd Landis. Neither had much luck on Saturday, but the beer was great on Friday night:

I stole a Magic Hat out of Nate’s cooler, cracked it open on the work stand and handed it to him. Floyd hung out for a good twenty minutes, just like one of the boys, shooting’ the shit as my dad would say. He looked fit. His quads weren’t sneaking out the bottom of his Floyd Landis Foundation shorts like some of the other big hammed pros in town. But, good riders come in all shapes and sizes. Floyd was pretty solid looking. I’d guess he weighed 150ish; all muscle, except for his trademark old-man-isque chin. Like a lot of pros, his stomach kind of stuck out, not a beer belly, just a well developed core. Just like I thought he did with Phonak, under a bike helmet, framed between the straps, his bulging chin and facial features make him look a little grandpa-ish.

Duckman describes his Mohican as, "A Disaster in Four Acts". And he finished (in 12:something).


nahual said...

And while we talk about abusing our bodies with drugs, Bill Finley of the NY Times reports this morning over in the stable Big Brown and Tale of Ekati will race in the Belmont Saturday pumped up on Anabolic Steroids. They do shoot up horses don't they?

strbuk said...

Yeah Big Brown himself shoots up, right? That's the way the stories make it sounds, like the horse has a choice, sheesh!! In the meantime the equally unethical breeding practices producing fragile thoroughbreds merely for the entertainment of a few people goes on almost unquestioned. Don't get me started.


Ali said...

"Like a lot of pros, his stomach kind of stuck out"

Hey, TBV, here's another quote you can cut out and keep with the Contador one. If the evidence keeps building like this, people are going to be backing you for this years Tour...


Bad Ali :-)

("Eightzero") said...

There are some that might suggest that the horse has more of a choice than some cyclists. Or MLB players. Or NFL players. Or [insert sport] player.

strbuk said...

This is true eightzero, many horses I have known seem far more intelligent than some athletes I have known :-)