Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Roundup

The Denver Post prints a story about USADA "crusader" Travis Tygart who is determined to rid Olympic sports of "evildoers": cheaters and the suppliers who provide PEDs to them. Even though former Landis lawyer Howard Jacobs is quoted in the piece as saying Tygart has used "McCarthy-like tactics" Tygart is convinced he is doing the absolute right thing in his zealous quest to defeat those who would besmirch sport and cheat the system, such as the "sophisticated" Floyd Landis:

If there's anybody out there that has the sophistication and the wherewithal to defeat the testing system, it would be Floyd Landis or a Justin Gatlin, and they're not," Tygart says. "When you have an effective out-of-competition, intelligently based testing system like we have in the Olympic movement in the United States, there's very little room for a cheater to survive."

Tygart believes his job is to not let those like Howard Jacobs stand in the way of his quest, and he is convinced of USADA's absolute right to go after and convict anyone it considers a "cheater". This is despite any "technicalities" which may indicate necessary exoneration:
My job," Tygart says, "is to not let a skilled advocate like Howard or anyone else use smoke-and-mirrors and technicalities to let a cheater like Tim Montgomery go free."

There may be a mirror that Tygart should look into more closely.


Donna said...

Mr Tygart seems to label anyone and everyone accused of doping guilty until proven innocent, and if found innocent then they must have gotten off by cheating the system. People like him are scary. He is essentially putting his own judgement above all others.
Mr Tygart, once you judge an athlete to be guilty, have you ever changed your opinion? I'm guessing not. If others found him/her to be innocent, you must have been proclaiming loudly, "technicality!".
DJ Frey, Gallatin, Tn

Ali said...

By the sound of it, I think Mr Tygsrt may be slightly unbalanced, or, if I can throw the PC vocabulary out of the window ... he's a raving lunatic !

Gary O'Brien said...

Rules, procedures, technicalities. Whatever.