Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baker's Wiki Defense, 2.0

Arnie Baker has released an updated version of his e-Book, "The Wiki Defense 2.0", which is available for free download, also here if slow. This contains details of all the arguments that may have been used by Landis, including some not presented at hearing -- possibly for time, relevance and seriousness.

We'll be mirroring it on as we have time. TBV is suffering a flaky DSL internet connection thanks to AT&T. It was working fine at 6 mb/s for five years, and then went bad a few weeks ago, and AT&T says the line is no good and there is nothing they can do.


whareagle said...

I'm about 50 pages in to this document, and given the malfeasance here that is coming out, I'm wondering - could someone get disbarred for all these shenanigans, or is this just par for the course? Whatever, it's despicable.

Eightzero said...

Ah, one of the big differences between an arbitration and an actual court of law: FRCP 11 doesn't necessarily apply to the former.

Neither do things like due process, equal protection, constitutional things, blah blah blah....

And of course, neither does FRCP 1:

"These [federal rules of civil procedure]...should be construed and administered to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding."

whareagle said...

Dr. Baker - if you're reading this - all I can say is, "Thanks", and "Wow". There is so much more information in here than in the first copy - I feel I owe you another check.

The incompetence and fraud are pretty amazing.