Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Roundup

Happy Fathers Day!!


The CyclingNews reports that Jan Ullrich, who feels sponsors and money are bound to leave the sport for those who want to ride for the love of it, will write a "tell all" book about his involvement with OP. In more news while the Landis case is still pending, the CAS has scheduled two more cycling related hearings:

The CAS announced on Friday that it has scheduled hearings in two further cases involving cyclists, Aketza Peña and Matthias Kessler. Peña's case is scheduled to be heard on July 3. He tested positive for Nandrolene in April 2007 and was suspended until August 9, 2009. Kessler tested positive for testosterone in April 2007, and was suspended for two years by the Swiss Cycling Federation. His hearing is scheduled for July 23.

Lindsay posts her harrowing story of traversing flooded out roads and bridge detours to just get to the Lumberjack 100 yesterday, but nothing about Floyd Landis. No 2008 race results are listed at this time on the official site either.

MMBA Forums
say Landis was a no-show. So, add "get to the race" before "get bike to the race" and "stay on bike" to the race checklist. Who knew MTB racing was so hard?

Eightzero is just a tad confused about some of the listings in the VeloNews Tour de France guide:

Page 221 lists Riis as the winner of the 1996 TdF, but the 2006 winner is listed as Oscar Pereiro, not Floyd Landis. There is a footnote on the photo on page 226 about Riis. So. why isn't Ullrich (the second place winner in 1996) awarded a second win? Hmmm? Could it be the ASO has decided that...nah...that wouldn't be fair. Wait...what?


5-iron said...

Some unofficial Lumberjack 100 results here

Looks like Floyd didn't make it to the race.

Eightzero said...

OK, I'm getting a little concerned about da man himself. I sort of understand the idea of laying low while stuff is being considered by the CAS. I can even sort of see why this might lead to dropping the blog/webpage and the going dark of the FFF. But now Floyd is MIA for a race he announced he'd attend. Maybe the logistics were fouled up with the storms in the area. Or it even makes sense he forgot to look at a calendar when he signed up, and decided he'd rather spend father's day with Ryan and Amber (which I can totally understand.)

But I'm a bit worried. Anyone with an "in" able to get us the skinny?

Thomas A. Fine said...

I saw a report (somewhere) that the town nearby was flooded out, and many people lost their hotel accomodations. Perhaps he's decided his days of sleeping on the course and wrapping himself in a vendor's banner are behind him.


Ali said...

Or perhaps he read my and str's intent to fly across and kick his ass ?

Maybe he didn't want to invoke that unholy, let-the-skys-rain-frogs, cycling armagedon that we would execute ... leaving the husks of elite cyclists in our wake as we paved our way to hell on two wheels. Setting forests alight, turning mud into tar and generally friggin' about with nature in a detremental and scary way.

Or maybe he just missed his flight ? (yeah, right !)

Anonymous said...

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whareagle said...

Funny sidebar - I was there on Mt. Spokane the day and evening that Floyd was up there, alone, and I distinctly remember this freckle-faced kid, slightly younger than me, sort of wandering around. We talked, and he asked me for a ride down in to Spokane. I had like 8 kids and 13 bikes in an F-250, so we were really full up, but I offered to come back up to get him (we didn't have cell phones) after unloading everything, but he said it was okay, he'd figure something out. Last I saw, he was on the porch of this abandoned ski hut, eyeing said banners.

Floyd, I'm sorry I didn't get you down in to town that night. Things might have been a little different.

strbuk said...

Ali , Floyd has met me and he knows I couldn't really kick his ass in anything, well maybe if the contest involved some Grey Goose..... But no matter, and all kidding aside, I am, as I have been, concerned too >sigh<


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


You know, Hell was just a few hours south of where the Lumberjack 100 took place over the weekend. Hell, Michigan, that is.

Back when I lived in Ann Arbor, I rode to Hell and back many times. ;-)


Ali said...


Bizarre, but strangely appealing. It would be worth visiting just to get the t-shirt.

I wonder if the name brings out a devil-may-care attitude in the locals. Sort of a subconscious response to living in Hell.