Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Roundup

The NY Times says that the relatively low incidence of steroid positives presented to Congress by baseball in March may have been inaccurate. It seems, um, that they didn't do any testing for most of the year. Doh!

Marketwatch tells us that the VS network has signed a "risky" $27.5 million, five-year rights agreement with ASO for Tour coverage. This probably gets them the world feed, on top of which they need to pay for their own caravan including Paul and Phil (and Bobke and Trautwig etc.) and their own promotion and marketing. While risky, it is also considered cheap, and related to the loss of Lance star-power, and scandal, including the Landis case.

CyclingNews passes on more scuttlebut about Tom Boonen, cocaine, and an out of competition test. This after December rumours of Boonen being Vanoppen's supplier of the same. We wonder if this news will make Levefre "want to vomit" the way he claimed to feel after word of Landis' tests started to leak, and if Boonen will be finding himself unemployed for "ethics" reasons. Perhaps things are different when it is your superstar who is being gored?


Eightzero said...

Anyone know if/when that "World Feed" will be in HDTV? I'll buy an HDTV when Versus puts their cyclism sundays in HD.

bobble said...

You'll be able to see the razor stubble on all those shaved legs!