Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Roundup

Today at approximately 8AM PDT (11AM EDT) the CAS is slated to announce its decision in the Floyd Landis appeal. We'll provide whatever news we can as soon as we can, stay tuned and keep checking. In the meantime read about the newest additions to Dr. Arnie Baker's "wiki-defense".

St Louis Today was alerted to the new additions to Dr. Arnie Baker's "wiki -defense" in the Floyd Landis case, and recommends it as important reading on this most important day.

The VeloNews' Charles Pelkey reviews the various scenarios that may await Floyd Landis as he anticipates the CAS announcement this morning. Pelkey paints no rosy pictures as he examines how the fallout from the recent UCI vs ASO and WADA vs UCI dust-ups will effect Landis and any actions he may take in the wake of his verdict.

Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer says don't waste your time hanging around waiting for the verdict in the Landis case today, the decision is a foregone conclusion. We certainly hope his cynicism is off base.

13ABC's collection of blurbs of the day's news, including the forthcoming Landis award, is headlined, "Man shoots self" in Google. We hope not.

Chris @ Podium Cafe has an open thread dedicated to the Landis/CAS decision.

Rant discusses a recent book tour visit to Milwaukee by Johan Bruyneel as he anxiously awaits the decision in the Landis case this morning. Bruyneel comments on the Landis case:

Bruyneel: You know, I don’t know. … I’m pretty sure that if it would be a clear-cut case there would already be a decision. And the fact that it’s not clear … there must be something there. I don’t have enough information to know what happened. But all I know is that I don’t know if Floyd is guilty or not. But one thing I know is if, when he was in the situation to win the Tour and he knew he won that stage and he definitely knew before the stage that he was going to do something to take that jersey back, he also knew he was going to be tested. And, to me, it just doesn’t make sense to do something stupid like that if you know you’re going to be trying to win the race, and in a way like that. That’s all I can say about it. So I don’t know afterwards what happened with the testing or with the procedure, I don’t know. But it’s certainly something that doesn’t make sense.

WADAwatch also anticipates the Landis decision, and ponders the many complications bound to occur in this year's "renegade" Tour de France.

Gwadzilla also blurb's Baker's Wiki 2.0 retitles Baker's book, "Landis vs. the Liars", and has some video of Landis moments at the 206 tour.

Jonah thought he saw a jealous Landis watch him riding Sunday from the inside of a blue car. We can all dream, especially this morning.

Finger Good thinks Floyd has a 50-50 chance at winning his CAS decision, we call those odds pretty fair.

Celebritique seems to think the odds stated above are pretty optimistic.


Mike said...

It is interesting to me, but probably ultimately meaningless, the L'Equipe isn't doing anything to highlight the announcement today. I think they just had the little announcement of the coming decision and nothing else. Does no one in France care?


strbuk said...

They only care IF they can leak the news before anyone else. Oops, I should have posted a "sarcasm alert" before I said that.