Friday, November 09, 2007

CAS Appeal Arbitrators selected

Sources say the CAS arbitrators for the Landis appeal have been selected. They are Jan Paulsson, David Rivkin, and David Williams.

Paulsson was the chair of the CAS panel on Landaluce, and was selected by Landis.

Rivkin was selected by USADA, and has served on other CAS panels, including Baxter v IOC (the Vicks Inhaler case), Tyler Hamilton's appeal, WADA and Cricket v. Asif and Akhtar, and IAAF v Giungi. Resume here.

David Williams was selected by CAS as the chair, some links: resume, on list of CAS Oceana Arbitrators, noted in New Zealand Olympic Committee press release, and at TAS-CAS:

Mr David A.R. Williams QC (New Zealand)
New Zealand

Barrister and Arbitrator. Chief Justice of the Cook Islands (part time position). Former Judge of the High Court of New Zealand (1992-1994). President of the Arbitrators' & Mediators' Institute of New Zealand (2004-2006). Member New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Industry Board (1996-2002). Former Member LCIA Court of Arbitration and ICC Court of Arbitration. Member of Board of Directors American Arbitration Association.

This doesn't look bad for Landis -- Poulsson favored rules over lab expediency in Landaluce, and Williams was a real judge for a while, and even Rivkin hasn't always gone the WADA way.


Unknown said...

Good good news. The science looks compelling. If the panel can actually see this, then that should be the end of it.

ZENmud productions said...

Hey TbV...

We can sleep easier now... :-)

Paulsson's presence primordial...

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