Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Roundup

USAToday Sports Scope found the WSJ piece, posted here Wednesday, on the how the ADAs work illuminating.

The CyclingNews reports this morning that the UCI is determined to expand beyond its traditional European roots and is planning cycling events in Russia as well as Asia. In other news, a court in Belgium, has said that a verdict in Patrick Lefevere's lawsuit against Belgian politician Jean-Marie Dedecker will be announced in December. Dedecker had claimed that three of the country's elite cyclists underwent "doping cures" in Italy in February 2006, and Lefevere sued for damages. No riders' names were mentioned. And Bijarne Riis opins that the 2008 Tour de France will be the cleanest ever, from his mouth...
The CyclingNews Letters is a real grab bag this week with the following perhaps the most interesting, if not the most vociferous, of the lot:

The sponsors can move to another sport very easily and they will. The two largest teams are essentially gone so unless you happen to like living on bread and water you just have to stop.

It's not good enough to repent after doping, or doing drugs, just don't do it! The idiots that confessed should have the record expunged and should return all the money too. If you are caught like Sinkewitz or Floyd then you should lose your right to compete as a pro. Its over, you're done, good bye! Surely we are past the point of being lenient on this stuff.

Strewth! What a bunch of idiots pros are and what a bunch of idiots we are for not holding them responsible for drug use!
Well DT and Disco are gone and we are all the poorer. We can go back to our regular jobs or switch sports to watch, but what are the pros going to do? Bag groceries? Flip burgers? Rickshaw taxi's? I guess we will find out and so will they!
Pay attention as the final last lap bell is ringing!

Ross Kennedy

The VeloNews "Leaglly Speaking" column has been writing recently about cyclists being killed while riding, and the seeming indifference to this by the public and by law enforcement. No Landis content but if you ride, or know someone who does, you might want to take a look.

Bike World News is back and provides a number of links which review last week's cycling news. BWN posts the CAS Landis appeal filing and wonders if Floyd should just save what money he has and sit this one out.