Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is the spreadsheet accurate?

We we're asked whether the spreadsheet was accurate. We can't say categorically, but the method is described in the post, and the sheet itself is available for examination.

We have run one against Mr. Young's hypothetical. Young asked WMA if a peak that was 5% at -70 could affect a peak at -28 as much as One delta unit. WMA asks for a calculator, gets and answer, then Mr. Young comes up with another example:

Figure 1 :Transcript at PDF 1270

Peak at -28.85, co-elute 5% of that at -70. WMA crunches numbers and comes up with an answer of -30.8125.

Figure 2: Calculator of setup.

I use 5% height, not sure how much difference it will make:

Figure 3: Spreadsheet calculates -30.72

I think we'll claim that -30.72 is close enough to -30.8125 to believe this is reasonably accurate. At least, Mr. Young didn't have objections from the folks sitting behind him (including Brenna) about WMA's answer.