Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The New Zealand Herald does a short profile of Kiwi David Williams QC who will chair the CAS panel hearing the Landis appeal. The article rather contemptuously summarizes Landis' case by stating that his lawyers will "claim" that procedural errors were made at the lab during the testing of his Stage 17 samples.

The Boulder Report writes about the troubles Team Astana is now facing, doping fallout and otherwise. Be thankful you are not Johan Bruyneel trying to patch things up.

The CyclingNews notes that Patrik Sinkewitz continues to admit to various doping activities, this time it was at the 2000 World Championships

Racejunkie is catching up and feels that it may be possible for Floyd Landis to get a fair shake from thr CAS panel chosen to hear his case. Of course with the amount of time this will all take up it may only be a moral victory if Landis wins. And what will they do with poor Oscar IF Floyd does prevail? In other opinions RJ finds that Bjorn Leukenmans has given us waaay too much information.

Velo Vortmax
, new to us, spins a tale of UCI, USADA and WADA complacency and consipiracy to protect LNDD. He starts with Mayo's EPO test, and keeps going. In his view, Catlin disabled the UCLA IRMS machine to force the Landis alternate B samples to be tested back at LNDD. We've never heard anybody utter that before, though it did seem awfully convenient for UCLA to duck out at that time.