Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Roundup

Happy Thanksgiving!

The CyclingNews reports further on Bjorn Leukemans' positive for testosterone as he continues to claim that this latest test result comes from the same natural imbalance that produced a similar finding in 2001 and again in 2006, both of which he was cleared of:

"I had the same problem in the year 2001," he told HLN. "It seems that the values between testosterone and epitestosterone are too high in my body. That was the case then as it is now. In 2001, I underwent a special test for this at a lab in Cologne, Germany. I was then cleared of all charges."

"According to the last test, I would have used a prohibited gel. However, I deny that most definitely," he stated, noting that, "I knew that there would be a control before the Worlds. Why would I be so dumb as to use testosterone, knowing that? Besides, the scientists say this product does not make you go any faster. You don't run a red light when the policeman is standing right there. I'm not that dumb!"

Leukenmans, who was suspended by his team, states he will fight the result through the courts if need be and will also have his "B" sample tested in different labs.

The VeloNews writes that Cristian Moreni got a two year suspension for testing postive for testosterone at this year's Tour de France.

The Grand Rapids Press
can't seem to help cooking up a "turkey" of a snark.We're thankful it was short.

Steve's Peeves & Affinities wanted to keep up his blogging on the Landis case, but he has been wrestling with Word Press as his moves his old blog entries and has had to make compromises. Congrats on the new edition to the family by the way.

Top Dog Cycling read the Pedal Magazine article that inspired "Dopers Must be Stoned" by Floyd Landis. TD feels all should read the Landis op-ed piece, and that Floyd's reasoning is sound. Bring it on indeed.

Thought for the Day

Best of all is to preserve everything in a pure, still heart, and let there be for every pulse a thanksgiving, and for every breath a song.

-Konrad von Gesner-
Holiday Ride Note

TBV thought he was being lazy, driving to the base of Mt. Diablo to save some time. About 2/3rd of the way up, he heard sound like a cyclist talking, but it was coming up faster than seemed likely. Then, he blew by me, at 30 mph grabbing onto the mirror of a white pickup truck. Wearing my Phonak tights and Phonak jersey, I gathered all my righteous indignation and yelled at him, "Cheater!". I think I heard him laugh as he vanished up into the distance. Maybe it was Levi.

Back home at 10:15, in time to make french toast
for the still
drowsy kids.

The other new experience was sweat from my gloves freezing on the brake levers coming down. Sort of like Flick freezing his tongue to the light pole.


pommi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, TBV. Wish I could've gone for a ride too.

Russ said...

Happy TG TBV!!! Are you sure that rider did not have his suspenders caught on the mirror of that white pickup and was being dragged along? The elastic could have given him the extra acceleration you saw with him catching up to the truck. I think a case of that was made public years ago.

strbuk said...

Gee TBV and all I did was cook and then clean all day!! I feel like a slacker. :-)


GMR said...

Happy Thanksgiving + 1 to the TBV crew and fans.

I am catching up on my TBV reading and the Mt. Diablo story was good for a laugh. Strbuk consider TG as an ultra-marathon.

Tour of California is around the corner, any plans for a TBV event at one of the stages? said...

Plans? Plans? It sounds like a good idea, but actual organization is not among my strengths. All things considered, the Palo Alto vicinity for the prologue is the best for us.

Let's all think about it and bounce ideas around.


GMR said...

It could be as simple as a spot along the roadside where we all gather to give our thumbs up to our favorite riders (after Floyd) or a more elaborate setting where a TBV forum is hosted where notables such as yourself, Bill Hue, Strbuk, Marc, Ali, or others present ideas or just receive applause.

Of course there is a remote possibility that you may be in Switzerland in Feb. 2008 attending a CAS hearing. I wonder when this issue will be agreed upon.

Damn I hoped FL would be riding again.

Perhaps I am inherently volunteering......