Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports that Anne Gripper of the UCI has clarified the Iban Mayo "B" sample test delay and that now Mayo's representatives will be allowed to attend the retest at the LNDD. They had previously been barred from doing so.
Bjorn Leukemans has been told that he cannot blame his sex life for the high level of testosterone found in one of his samples from last summer. It also comes out that it was positive on a CIR done by Cologne, the lab run by Dr. Schanzer, and Cologne had given him a "High T/E OK" certificate in 2001. Leukemans wants the B sample tested at Barcelona.
Finally, Saul Raisin has been sadly told that team doctors will not release him to ride because they fear the results of another crash, which may be the end of his racing career unless he can find a team with less concerned doctors. His site is taking a beating, going up and down.

The CyclingNews Friday Mailbag is open and there are notes from readers on topics from the blood passport to Michael Rasmussen's blood values. Perhaps the most interesting letters is also one of the shortest:

I would like to thank Dick Pound for the following insight on his tenure at WADA:

Pound said he's interested in the soon-to-be-open spot as head of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"I'm available," said Pound, who is both an accountant and attorney. "Listen, it would be the first time in 30 years that the IOC has given me a job that I actually understand."

Kevin Hetherington-Young

The Washington Post, in a column about coming in second in politics , snarks that Floyd Landis is, "a hard-working grunt, a natural second who tried to come in first via synthetic testosterone, it seems, and look what happened to him." Time, it seems, has failed to diminish the preponderance of Landis punchlines.

The New York Post fails to be humorous with a Landis punchline of its own.

The New Zealand Herald
gives a few words about David Williams, a Kiwi who will be the chair of the Landis CAS panel. In the picture, he looks a little like Bertrand Russell before going completely white-haired.

Pommi writes from China with no turkey in sight and with what seems a bit of jealousy that some get to ride their bikes up very big hills. And yes we might have to wait until another May for a decision.

is "catching up" with the Landis appeal brief filing announcement, Iban Mayo's "B" sample mess, and the end of Saul Raisin's all too short career.

Nashville Cyclist
provides a number of links to recent cycling related articles, a couple of which have been linked here already,with some very odd indeed. (sex WITH a bike?)