Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Roundup

Landis has released exhibits and documents from the hearing. We've gotten them into the archive, and started to index them. This ought to help answer some of the questions that have been floating around out of ignorance because the documents weren't available.


The CyclingNews reports that no evidence was found linking Jan Ullrich to systematic doping activity at the Freiberg clinic in Germany yesterday. The VeloNews notes the same results from the raid which had sought evidence that Jan Ullrich had used the clinic for his alleged doping program.

Bicycling briefly debates whether or not it's a good thing for elite cyclists movements to be monitored by GPS devices as part of an anti doping program.

The Toledo Free Press
talks about societal pressures to win at all costs, and how many athletes think the gamble they take when they cheat is worth the eventual price they may have to pay.

Rant looks at Hingis' retirement over cocaine allegations, and thinks it reveals some truths about doping charges. He also looks at Saugy's claim that, “47 out of 189 riders raced on blood transfusions or EPO,” and wonders how, where and why he would have acquired data to make such a claim.

The Big Lead snarks on Hingis, with passing dis on Landis. Comments center on discussion of how "hot" Hingis is or isn't.

Larry Brown Sports does much the same with Hingis and Landis.

Karen's PR Blog can't believe athletes, like Hingis (and Landis) are still denying, denying, denying.