Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Roundup


The posts an interview with outgoing WADA president Dick Pound in which he comments on making enemies, being brash in his statements, and not caring whose toes he steps on as long as his anti-doping message is getting out. His mistrust of athletes goes back to Ben Johnson who lied to him as his client and progresses to this day with his disdain of athletes' protestations of innocence. He almost inevitably saves some of his last shots for Floyd Landis:

"I don't pre-judge cases," he insists. "I'm enough of a lawyer to know that there's a process. What I do react to is when you get all kinds of shit attacking the methods and saying that the system is biased against athletes. All those sorts of things were coming out of the Landis camp. I don't sit back and turn the other cheek again and again and again. I say they're talking bullshit and here's why."

The author of the piece notes that denials do not only come from those who are guilty, but they also surely must come from those who are innocent as well.

The Home News Tribune comments that doping now is part of the lexicon, and we hear it in reference to sports from cycling to tennis.

A Salt Lake Tribune columnist wonders where that hour we keep gaining and losing every year with time changes goes, and snarks what she thinks Floyd Landis could do with his.

Rant read the Telegraph interview with Dick Pound, and feels that Mr. Pound lobbed verbal grenades all too often in his tenure as WADA president.

BTW, there have been some great conversations going in Rant's comments. It's hard to follow on the plain web, but if you have an RSS reader, you might subscribe to the Rant Comment Stream. It's also a good way to follow comments here -- use the "RSS comment stream" link under the picture up top.

Tejvan posts a short list of 2007 doping scandals in cycling.

Velo Vortmax , a new blog, starts with a long rant about the Landis case, and give us a plug. Hint: needs more whitespace between paragraphs.


jrdbutcher said...

Dick is, well……, a d**k. He and LeMond are two of the few that are bold enough, biased enough, or uninformed enough to actually believe the system is not strongly biased toward WADA/ADA’s vs. the athletes.

Looks like Dick is going to stay true to his illogical self, right to the end of his tenure as WADA President. Hey Dick, don’t let the door hit you in the posterior on your way out !