Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Documents

There are more documents in the archive, and the consolidated index is in the updated main post. Here's what is new in this batch. It's correspondence, pre-trial conferences, and related matters.


4-Apr-2007 transcript of conference over B sample admissability and representative exclusion.
Ex 50 27-Dec letter from USADA saying they will test other samples on Jan 8.
Ex 51 29-Dec letter from Suh saying additional testing is illegal.
Ex 52 2-Jan letter from Suh reiterating illegality, and calling it destruction of evidence.
Ex 53 3-Jan letter from USADA saying offices were closed, and asking who is counsel?
Ex 54 3-Jan letter from Suh threatening US Federal suit over testing.
Ex 55 4-Jan letter from USADA saying Federal court would have no jurisdiction, but offers delay.
Ex 56 4-Jan letter from USADA agrees to delay.
Ex 57 13 page position paper from USADA following 10-Jan conference, with 47 pages of exhibits.
Ex 75 30-Apr Dunn declaration about April testing.
Ex 76 30-Apr Catlin declaration about Paul Scott and behavior by reps during B testing.
Ex 77 30-Apr Aquilera declaration describing B sample testing and observation.
Ex 78 24-Apr call transcript excerpt about representative exclusion.
Ex 79 Copy of Westin v. Union arb decision, apparently supporting USADA's "did it to yourself" position.
Ex 80 Copy of Union v. Honeywell, where court declines to review arb decision.
Ex 81 Copy of City v. Union arb decision,
Ex 82 Copy of County v. Teamsters arb decision