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TBV Reference Page

This archive post is a summary of the links posted elsewhere that seem to be the most significant in terms of understanding the situation. I try to keep it mostly up to date, but, well, it's a manually maintained index, and um, that never works. I'll try to boldface the most recent changes, last updated 22-Feb-2007.

If you think something important is missing, drop a comment or send mail.

For the most part, I ignore things that say, "he's a dirty cheat, string him up!" as well as those that say, "Floyd is DA MAN, its a [expletive deleted] conspiracy!"

When in doubt, "San Dimas Football Rules!!!" - and San Dimas is only a 64 mile ride from Murietta.


TBV current status summary/fact page
TBV Glossary
TBV Timeline
Floyd Wikipedia page, fact laden and studiously neutral.
Floyd Official Page
Timeline of statements made during the initial period on forum.

Floyd wants open, public hearing, January maybe (mow likely March?).
Hearing to be at Pepperdine University, Malibu.
Actual Lab report.
Floyd did get IV after stage 16, yes.
Official releases from Landis are at, user=PublicAccess, pass=PublicAccess.

Most things end up getting mirrored into, which has no login and may be easier to handle. The archives there also have transformed versions that ma be more useful than the originals.

Search for "Floyd Landis" at reveals all.

CyclingNews full coverage page.

Landis Interviews
17-Dec-2006, Interview with NY Daily News
17-Dec-2006, Retranslation of Dutch article is much more upbeat.
16-Dec-2006, Interviews in Dutch press are read to say Landis is done with either outcome.
09-Dec-2006, downbeat interview with UK press.
12-Nov-2006, Interview from Stade 2, French TV.
6-Nov-2006, Long story on MSNBC
5-Nov-2006, short Interview on Bicycling web site links to TBV
20-Oct-2006, Appearance in Madison Wisc, "take down the UCI"

Appearance at DPF, day two, day three, day four, day five.
At Daily Peloton Forum, begins and continues. Moderators watching closely.
Post-hip Monday with AP, blasts UCI.
Post-hip weekend with USAToday.
Links and summaries
of interviews in Pennsylvania en-route to Spain on 11-Sep.
Quick TV interview Thursday Sep-7, before Friday 8th announcement.
Best Recent Interview with Floyd
, from Aug 8 San Diego Union
Floyd in October 2006 Bicycling Magazine, summarized here.
Transcript of 28-Jul-2006 NPR interview, via Off Wing
No choice but to fight, sympathetic interview in August, but dead link.
28-Jul-2006 teleconference transcript, from Outside.

Beginning of tour, 2-July, as WashPost.
Science and Background
Endocrinology 101 from
Affects of Testosterone, andecotal description for 2000 NYT.
Normal ranges of Testosterone defined.
sci.chem on different testosterones.
About spectroscopy, in litigation -- things to look for.
How good is CIR for T-Doping, real paper from 2001.
About CIR, from SIA handbook.
Mass Spectrometry in Doping Control, real paper from 2005.
Detecting Epi-T Doping using IRMS, real paper from 2002.
Diet change may affect IRMS, real paper from Feb 06, abstract only.
Presentation of Diet Change study, good!
Effects of feed and age on IRMS of T in cows, real paper from 2000; abstract only.
Mass Spectrometry in Sports Drug testing, real paper, preprint; abstract only.
Amstat paper on Testosterone (ab)use, through the case of Mary Decker Slaney. Argues the test thresholds are statisticly crap, but she was found guilty anyway.
More on Slaney case in this Topix thread, quoting other news stories.
Last Night's Dinner affects C13, WADA's own Research
Excellent Testosterone/Floyd research, from Tom Fine
T/E test math and sampling discussion, pre CIR result.
CIR of other samples should be consistent, writes isotope geochemist.
T/E and CIR described at PurePedantry

Bunch of links from rational_head at DPF:

Negative relationship btwn T and cortisol


Cortisol and T.

Cortisone/T influences in various exersize modes

Cortisol byproducts

Cortisol and thyroid
25. Ueki M, Okano M. Analysis of exogenous dehydroepiandrosterone excretion in urine by gas chromatography/combustion/isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 1999;13(22):2237-43.

Cortisol in urine

Pfizer's Prednisone data (what it's made of)

109 studies of T and various metabolic factors

Study of false positives

False positives

T metabolites

Catlin, D. "Performance Characteristics of a Carbon Isotope Ratio Method for Detecting Doping with Testosterone Based on Urine Diols: Controls and Athletes with Elevated Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratios" (full paper)

Flenker, U., "Influence for Changes in Diet on the Dynamics of 13C/12C in Selected Urinary Steroids". Published results haven't been found; an abstract and slides are available.

Baume, N., "[13C]Nandrolone Excretion in Trained Athletes: Interindividual Variability in Metabolism" (full paper)

here's a daily peloton article that touches on testosterone levels after endurance training and decreased fat intake.
Part 1 of excellent process series from VeloNews.
Part 2 of excellent process series from VeloNews.
McQuaid on the process timetable for Floyd.
Definitive case review of burden of proof, also discussed here.
Article about Arbitration for Doping cases, from a law school journal. Reviews Tori Edwards case, which was a "too bad, you lose" decision; basically pro-CAS, anti-athlete.
You can't challenge the test, by form.
History of T/E test within.
Civil Rights, Doping Control and the World Anti-doping Code, journal article from 2004; no text, no abstract.
A Constant Battle..., Duke Law Journal article, discusses strict liability standard.
IAAF Arbitration Panel Heritage, superceded by CAS.
Snips of Review Board process regulations, on Topix forums; relevant to what happens after response filed on 11-Sep, board reply should be by 18-Sep. Also see links below about USADA.
Possible Defenses
USA Today reports on defense presentation.
Tom Prail CIR false positive reported here
Maybe it was the beer, Tom Fine's looks at alcohol and CIR
You can get off if you are a horse with cancer
Paolo Pezza cleared from false positive turned up by the same lab in '98

EPO positive invalidated by experiment, the case of Rutger Beke from 2004, more details here. He was able to prove the analytical result was the result of natural production.

You'd better challenge the execution of tests, according to decision against Forde.
Public Relations
PR evaluation, from Micro Persuasion
Floyd's Open Letter to Phonak Team,
Official announcement of Phonak demise, closed to comments, good PR discussion.
Expect smear campaign; UCI can't let him win.
"Uh, that's enough talking", says Lance.
In a crisis, don't think aloud, advises a PR guy
Don't Do Dr. Phil, from Kevin Cowherd (Aug 10).
Superb Review of early reporting
Spinopsys says defense, forums, documents, PR are all lame.
Biking Bis thinks forum appearances, doc release are good moves.

Useful Discussions
Chemists discuss on Corante
T/E discussed on Topix.
Give up the conspiracy defense
What about Manzano's Testosterone Rage story, asks blogger.
More about T-testing etc., Oxford Cycling chat.
Sort of Related
Diane Modahl, UK runner cleared after long process.
Case finally dropped, report in NYT
She doesn't get to sue the Federation for damages, say the Lords.
Used as a Case study, note the panic in practice press conferences.
Doping News Roundup at Cycling4All.
About USADA, WADA, CAS, UCI etc.
WADA official
WADA Organization, how Mr. Pound would be fired.
WADA Lab Statistics from 2005, Discussed in this TBV post.
Official WADA Guideline on reporting TE results, 2006 from WADA

Labs, Accrediting, Accreditors, Lab Standards, Profiency Tests, Adverse Analytical Findings, Laboratory Documentation Package and more described in this TBV post.

WADA requirements for equipment capability, TD2003IDCR
WADA Results Management Guidelines, 2004.

USADA official
USADA protocol, describing the process. Not too bad, only 38 pages.
USADA annual reports and statistics discussed in this TBV post.

Problems at WADA will ‘drive innocent athletes out of sport’, says report in Feb 06 citing Modahl case. Full report buried in this magazine [pdf].
Good article about doping in triathlon, (but old) by Mark Sisson (see earlier link)
T/E Test should have been abandoned, says Sisson, ex-triathlon Doping Commish.
About Doping, also by Mark Sisson; better link.

UCI, WADA history, from Daily Peloton.
Vrijman report about Lab, and WADA, from the UCI
Posturing, Lashing out by UCI VP Ray Godkin on VeloNews

CAS official
CAS decisions, but only recent ones. Historical ones are hard to find.
CAS history, in Olympic context.
Humour, actual, attempted, and unintentional.
Cheating in Chess using Phonak headset, and here.
"Photo of Floyd Getting T Found", blog with comments; on FoxSports.
French Testosterone joke, funny picture.
video: The Colbert Report weighs in the large ones.

Gangsta Floyd Rap, video (also on YouTube);
Dated collection of Mennonite related one liners.
Get Fuzzy, comic strip addresses Floyd, from
Evident Stupidity.
All figured out. Let's go home.
Ha, ha, not. I'll wait for the movie with the LNDD demolition scene.
The Hearing, as performed by Monty Python, at Rant.
Searches All of the the science, none of the babble. It's like that new WWW thing of the research community way back in Nineteen Ninety and Three.

Google news for Floyd Landis, by date.
Yahoo news for Floyd Landis, by date.
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