Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blog Tag, Five Things

There's this game being played called "blog tag", where somebody goes "tag, you're it", and you're supposed to
  1. Put up a post that identifies five things that people don't know about you.
  2. Tag five other blogs.
This game seems to have been invented by people who like multi-level marketing, "search engine optimization", Ponzi investment clubs, and Nigerian funds transfer. Do you like bargains? This is an incredible opportunity!

Most bloggers go along because they're nice, and like the attention.

TBV got tagged. I appreciate the thought, really. It's flattering, so here's the list:
  1. TBV isn't about me. I adopted the nom-de-blog for a reason -- not that I'm hiding -- it's not hard to track me down, but TBV is not just narcissism. Though there's a little.
  2. Expanding by powers of 5, it'll take all of 11 generations of tag to cover 48 million blogs, so there's not that much cachet in it, really.
  3. TBV has passive aggressive streak. And oppositional defiance. Maybe some problem with Authority too.
  4. TBV really needs to go ride his bike, so no #5.
If any of these folks want to play along, and notice this by telepathy, they can pretend we tagged them: Rant, PJ, Burt, SciFiTwin, Free Floyd

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