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TBV Timeline

Last updated on 27-Dec-2008


14-Feb-2009, Landis returns to racing at the Amgen Tour of California.
31-Dec-2008, TBV closes shop.

5-Dec-2008 USADA and Landis settle Federal case, terms not disclosed. Consolidated docket.
2-Dec-2008, Kayle LeoGrande (Rock) given two year suspension on non-analytic positive.

24-Nov-2008, WADA, though not a party, admits spending $1.8 million to convict Landis.
16-Nov-2008, alive again, pointing to OUCH.
13-Nov-2008, ACE closes shop; Catlin may have urine Hgh test.
11-Nov-2008, Federal case moved back.

30-Oct-2008, Landis and OUCH, nee HealthNet-Maxxis announced. US schedule only.
5-Oct-2008, Bill Hue and Laura conquer Mt. Diablo, with
Primary Documents TBV cheering from home.
3-Oct-2008, We look at the Landis Federal complaint.
2-Oct-2008, Landis Federal Case hits Pacer.

28-Sep-2008, Landis files Federal case against USADA.
16-Sep-2008, AFLD is doing more tests of Tour blood samples.
10-Sep-2008, Landis rumored to be going to HealthNet-Maxxis.
9-Sep-2008, Shocker, Lance is making a comeback.

31-Aug-2008, Hamilton and Zabriskie win USPro road race and time trial; Beltran's Tour B sample positive.
24-Aug-2008, Doe (LeoGrande?) v. USADA dismissed.
18-Aug-2008, ASO and UCI kiss and make up.
Aug-2008, Mayo's appeal rejected.
11-Aug-2008, NYTimes says "let the games be doped." EPO positive for Olympic cyclist.
, Nature publishes Donald Berry editorial that points out problems with doing enforcement, citing Landis tests as examples of dicey statistics.
1-Aug-2008, Ricco suspended, Piepoli denying.

28-Jul-2008, more Tour positives expected.
27-Jul-2008, Strike four as the tour ends: Dmitry Fovonof; Bordry declares victory.
25-Jul-2008, Gusev sacked by Astana for internal profile violations.
24-Jul-2008, US Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy popped.
23-Jul-2008, Markers in CERA help testers?
22-Jul-2008, "Bad Science: The Floyd Landis Case" seminar for Forensic Scientists.
21-Jul-2008, Surprise tests by CONI as the Tour visits Italy.
20-Jul-2008, Ricco maybe confesses.
17-Jul-2008, Ricco taken off to jail.
16-Jul-2008, Duena positive at Tour.
15-Jul-2008, UCI ProTour implodes.
14-Jul-2008, Possible criminal charges for 2007 Tour positives Vino, Mayo, Moreni
11-Jul-2008, Beltran first positive at the Tour.
10-Jul-2008, USADA touts "My Victory" program.
8-Jul-2008, we get exhibits from the CAS case.
5-Jul-2008, Michael Rasmussen goes crazy.
4-Jul-2008, Gymnast Morgan Hamm given a warning for triamcinolone acetonide at US championships.
3-Jul-2008, we get CAS briefs and declarations.

30-Jun-2008, we post transcript of CAS hearing.
30-Jun-2008 Landis loses CAS appeal.
29-Jun-2008, Baker releases Wiki Defense 2.0.
27-Jun-2008, Gatlin case dismissed.
25-Jun-2008, the EPO test has problems, WADA blames the messengers.
17-Jun-2008, Boonen probably out of Tour over his cocaine flap.
, UCI throws a hissy fit and suspends French Cycling Federation. Catlin announces new firm.
10-Jun-2008, Tom Boonen OoC cocaine positive makes news.
9-Jun-2008, VS network signs five year Tour contract for $27 million.
6-Jun-2008, "Less testing" but "more targeted" at this year's Tour.
6-Jun-2008, CAS tells Gatlin to take a hike.
5-Jun-2008, Richard Young gets a promotion.

29-May-2008, Astorloa's departure from Giro now reportedly cause by "blood values"
27-May-2008, seems to go dark.
21-May-2008, Portuguese team LA MSS raided by police.
20-May-2008, Jeff Adams wins at CAS.
17-May-2008, Petacchi fired by Milram.
12-May-2008, Reports WADA is funding USADA's CAS case against Landis.
10-May-2008, Richeze positive at the Giro.

29-Apr-2008, WADA has a symposium in Sydney about "investagatory powers"
26-Apr-2008, TBV clocks it's millionth visit.
25-Apr-2008, Liquigas signs Basso, so much for ProTour "ethics"
19-Apr-2008, Landis 26th in the Cohutta 100.
14-Apr-2008, Ullrich settles German case with no admission of guilt.
8-Apr-2008, Trek and Greg LeMond go law suit crazy on each other.
4-Apr-2008, Tammy Thomas convicted of perjury.
3-Apr-2008, Pound not elected CAS president.
2-Apr-2008, Sabre rattling: Hgh test kits are claimed to be in Beijing (No positives emerge).

29-Mar-2008, UCI and WADA stop cooperating on "passport" program.
25-Mar-2008, UCI is not giving money to USADA to prosecute Landis.
23-Mar-2008, Landis CAS hearing closes.
21-Mar-2008, Study says a gene makes some people more or less likely to trip the T/E test.
20-Mar-2008, UCI sues Pound for defamation, probably to sink his candidacy for CAS President. (It works)
18-Mar-2008, Landis CAS hearing starts in NYC, running over Easter weekend.
17-Mar-2008, We hear WADA is paying Richard Young, not USADA, in the Landis CAS appeal.
12-Mar-2008, Dugard writes an odd piece saying Landis is guilty and fingered Lance.
6-Mar-2008, Sinkewicz not appealing his one-year suspension (for cooperation).
5-Mar-2008, UCI threatens Paris-Nice riders, later backs down.

27-Feb-2008, Fahey claims to have an Hgh test that will be ready for Beijing.
24-Feb-2008, Leipheimer wins the AToC
18-Feb-2008, AToC doesn't let Hamilton, Sevilla and Botero race for Rock, despite licenses in order.
15-Feb-2008, LeMond is happy that cycling is being brought to its knees. Biz partner Trek may disagree.
13-Feb-2008, Defending champ Contador won't be invited to the tour to punish Astana.
7-Feb-2008, President Bush pushes anti-doping treaty on the Senate.
5-Feb-2008, Captain Bike, Sheldon Brown, dies.

2-Feb-2008, we conclude Larry's Curb Your Anticipation

28-Jan-2008, we begin
Larry's Curb Your Anticipation
25-Jan-2008, Leukemens given two years for Testosterone.
, "John Doe" vs USADA reported to be Leogrande.
23-Jan-2008, two years for Mazzoleni; Gatlin files CAS appeal.
18-Jan-2008, Pointed Landis interview in VeloNews.
16-Jan-2008, Mitchell report hearings on PED use in baseball.
10-Jan-2008, Our 1000th post.
8-Jan-2008, Landis and Rock Racing rumors. Nothing happens.
1-Jan-2008, Gatlin sanctioned at AAA level; CAS appeal looms.

31-Dec-2007, Mr. Pound's last day at WADA.
19-Dec-2007, AFLD bans Landis in France.
14-Dec-2007, LaTasha Jenkins wins at CAS on a Landaluce problem.
13-Dec-2007, Mitchell Report on PEDs in baseball released.
10-Dec-2007, High Road, formerly T-Mobile, is going to use ACE.
7-Dec-2007, Baseball players suspended for Hgh use. 15 days.
6-Dec-2007, Vino gets a light one year.
4-Dec-2007, Analytical Chemistry looks at Landis case; Ascani two years for EPO.

30-Nov-2007, LNDD might have been improperly using different column types.
27-Nov-2007, T-Mobile bails on sponsorship -- it's now Team High Road. Landis expresses hopes (that will be dashed) for the aribtrators on his CAS panel.
21-Nov-2007, Leukemans suspended for 6:1 T/E.
20-Nov-2007, Landis files CAS brief.
15-Nov-2007, WADA and Pound crank up rhetoric and future punishments.
12-Nov-2007, Landis OpEd at TBV, the only thing he writes for us.
9-Nov-2007, CAS arbitrators selected.
8-N0v-2007, LeMond thinks anti-doping prosecution is slanted towards the athletes.
5-Nov-2007, We post a bunch of documents from the AAA hearing.
3-Nov-2007, Goldberger interviewed about the Landis case.

24-Oct-2007, Paris antidoping summit launches biological passport.
19-Oct-2007, Fahey is aghast at loopholes that nearly sank the Landis case.
18-Oct-2007, AFLD reopens its Landis case, possibly scared by CAS appeal.
15-Oct-2007, Peirero gets his Yellow Jersey in small ceremony.
10-Oct-2007, Landis appeal to CAS announced, probably filed on the 8th.
2-Oct-2007, Hue reviews the decision: WADA exists to convict dopers. Period.

20-Sep-2007, 2-1 Split decision against Landis announced.
12-Sep-2007, Panel confers, hearing is closed. 10 day clock starts.
12-Sep-2007, John LeLangue hired by BMC Cycling team as DS.
11-Sep-2007, UCI says Valverde can't come to the Worlds, admitting no basis to exclude him.
09-Sep-2007, Asafa Powell breaks 100m world record he shared with Gatlin. Test results not announced.
08-Sep-2007, Landis rides Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif
07-Sep-2007, Valverde is victim of UCI bungling whereabouts forms.
06-Sep-2007, Bruyneel talking with Astana.
06-Sep-2007, CyclingNews letter writer backpedals, possibly browbeaten by LeMond.
02-Sep-2007, Landis rides Shenandoah Mtn 100, finishing 3rd.

31-Aug-2007, CyclingNews letter asks LeMond what he got for his soul.
30-Aug-2007, UCI wants to ban Valverde from the World Championships.
27-Aug-2007, McQuaid says LeMond is not above suspicion.
27-Aug-2007, Kasheckin offers a bizarre defense.
26-Aug-2007, Mayo's B results "due tomorrow"; unseen as of 14-Sep.
25-Aug-2007, Greg LeMond tosses more bombs.
24-Aug-2007, IOC says it will ban dopers from the "next Olympics", even if their bans have been served, so there.
22-Aug-2007, McQuaid and LeClerc trade jabs about negotiating the future of Pro Cycling.
22-Aug-2007, some BHR hips are recalled.
22-Aug-2007, Reports
Kashechkin's B test is negative, unconfirmed.
19-Aug-2007, Vino complains testing violates his "human rights." World laughs.
19-Aug-2007, NYT Magazine article on Landis, The Outcast, published.
16-Aug-2007, Ian Thorpe cleared.
14-Aug-2007, Joe Papp makes an appearance in Flordia.
13-Aug-2007, Developments in case of Fertonani, another LNDD testosterone positive.
11-Aug-2007, Landis 2nd at Leadville 100, breaking old record.
11-Aug-2007, Rant-your-head-off anniversary.
10-Aug-2007, Tailwind announces closing of Discovery team.
5-Aug-2007, Landis rides Coloroado Copper Triangle event as tuneup for Leadville.
5-Aug-2007, Landis firing by Phonak one year ago noted by many media.
1-Aug-2007, BMC cancels support of Astana, takes bikes home.
1-Aug-2007, ESPN2 talks with Ma and Pa Landis.,

31-July-2007, No charges against Geoghegan, LeMond still steaming.
30-Jul-2007, Landis does Colorado Eagle River Ride.
30-Jul-2007, Mayo positive for EPO.
29-Jul-2007, TBV is one year old.
28-Jul-2007, Jacobs and Suh looking into Vino's case.
28-Jul-2007, Lemonde after Contador.
28-Jul-2007, Landis stops watching the Tour, goes to Colorado to train for Leadville.
27-Jul-2007, One year ago, Landis's rest results leak, and the mess begins.
27-Jul-2007, Contador looks troubled by wearing yellow.
26-Jul-2007, French Press writes of the death of the Tour.
25-Jul-2007, Moreni was the testosterone positive. Cofidis withdraws.
25-Jul-2007, Rasmussen pulled from tour and fired by Rabobank.
24-Jul-2007, Vino reported positive for blood doping; Astana withdraws.
23-Jul-2007, Anniversary of Landis TdF win.
23-Jul-2007, Vino wins stage after losing 30 minutes yesterday.
20-Jul-2007, Anniversary of Landis' Stage 17 win.
19-Jul-2007, Rumor of positive (Rasmussen?) at the Tour.
17-Jul-2007, Landis on NPR/KPPC fires back at LeMond.
16-Jul-2007, USADA "pledge" program with American College of Sports Medicine.
14-July-2007, LeMond talks to L'Express.
11-Jul-2007, Our Report Card on the Hearing.
11-July-2007, TBV takes a beating on DPF.
11-July-2007, Landis on NPR "Talk of the Nation."
8-Jul-2007, SD Union Tribune/Zeigler find Tour hematocrit values, and finds experts who deem them suspicious. Goes nowhere except for periodic re-surfacing by Landis critics.
8-Jul-2007, Positively False touches the Best Seller lists.
7-Jul-2007, VS coverage of the Tour starts with Landis.
5-Jul-2007, Speculation Landis decision will be "tomorrow". Ha, ha!
5-Jul-2007, Landis being written out of Tour histories.
4-Jul-2007, Armstrong still believes Landis innocent.
1-Jul-2007, Kimmage does a love-fest interview with LeMond. News: cycling has a doping problem, and Greg was the last clean winner.

28-Jun-2007, Lance goes partly open in response to Walsh.
27-Jun-2007, Walsh's "From Lance to Landis" available, and TBV reviews.
26-Jun-2007, Baker's Wiki Defense available, and TBV reviews.
26-Jun-2007, Landis on CBS Early Show, grilled by Harry Smith. Tour de Book begins.
26-Jun-2007, Positively False goes on sale.
22-Jun-2007, Astana says they are some of the MiB, and what's the problem?
21-Jun-2007, TBV gets and reviews Positively False.
21-Jun-2007, Hearing transcripts are available for download, all 1800 pages of them.
20-Jun-2007, UCI announces scrutiny of the "Men in Black".
19-Jun-2007, UCI announces "pledge" program for riders.
17-Jun-2007, Many, but not all, hearing exhibits are available.
16-Jun-2007, Hearing video archives established for download.
15-Jun-2007, Positively False, Landis' book, gets early distribution, and NYT starts the stream of articles.
13-Jun-2007, "non-negatives" reported from the Giro.
6-Jun-2007, Bjarne Riis admits using EPO in his only Tour win.
3-Jul-2007, Landis 8th in Teva time trial won by the impossible Ned Overend.
2-Jul-2007, Landis races in the Teva Mountain games and finishes 27th. Too many donuts, not enough training lately.
1-Jun-2007, TBV abandons anonymous comments.
25-May-2007, Papp suspension announced.
25-May-2007, Bjarne Riis confesses EPO use in winning 1996 tour.
24-May-2007, Zabel, Aldreg confess EPO use at Telekom
23-May-2007, Hearing: Davis, Brenna, Davis, Closing arguments.
22-May-2007, Hearing: Landis, Davis
21-May-2007, Hearing: Meier-Augenstein, Amory
19-May-2007, Hearing: Schanzer, Catlin, Landis
18-May-2007, Hearing: Ayotte, Buisson, Papp, Goldberger
18-May-2007, McQuaid threatens CAS appeal in Landis case.
17-May-2007, Geoghegan Fired.
17-May-2007, Hearing: Frelat, Lemond, Ayotte
16-May-2007, The Call: Geoghegan calls Lemond.
16-May-2007, Hearing: Mongongu
15-May-2007, Hearing; Brenna; Mongongu
14-May-2007, Hearing begins; Opening statements, Shackleton, Brenna;
11-May-2007, Landis says USADA offered deal to get Armstrong.
10-May-2007, Italian inquiry into Basso.
9-May-2007, Tinkoff suspends Hamilton, Hondo, Jaksche
7-May-2007, Basso admits Puerto involvement.
3-May-2007, T-Mobile suspends doctors.
3-May-2007, Tygart speaks to Velonews.
1-May-2007, USADA thinks about jettisoning it's gag rule.

30-Apr-2007, Were new B tests footbullets for USADA?
30-Apr-2007, 49 more riders implicated in Puerto.
30-Apr-2007, No postponement because of B's.
30-Apr-2007, AFLD getting "independant" look at LNDD.
30-Apr-2007, Hue's "No Sense of Decency?" ad Daily Peloton.
29-Apr-2007, Landis says LNDD deleted files.
28-Apr-2007, T-Mobile doctor said to give Ullrich EPO.
28-Apr-2007, Free Floyd Mugs arrive.
27-Apr-2007, Breaking Away, imagining a USADA cave-in.
26-Apr-2007, Whistleblower documents shown completely.
25-Apr-2007, Landis may declare bankruptcy.
25-Apr-2007, Sally Jenkins as Wash Post says system is botched.
25-Apr-2007, Lance still backing Floyd.
24-Apr-2007, Landis requests delay because of the B's, later denied.
23-Apr-2007, Storm over leaked results.
23-Apr-2007, Landis claims observers locked out.
18-Apr-2007, Free Floyd Mugs available for order.
17-Apr-2007, FFF/Austin; hints new B tests are being botched.
16-Apr-2007, Judging Floyd, Part IV -- the Interlocutory Order
16-Apr-2007, FFF complains about USADA discovery request contents (donor lists!)
16-Apr-2007, New testing of non-stage 17 B samples begins at LNDD.
13-Apr-2007, FFF radio spot noticed.
12-Apr-2007, We show USADA document request.
12-Apr-2007, Landis complains about using LNDD, USADA not splitting samples.
11-Apr-2007, Landis to do Teva Mt. Games on June 2-3.
11-Apr-2007, UCLA "machine is down", can't do any testing.
11-Apr-2007, Arbitration decision allows B sample testing, gives Landis discovery but not depositions.
3-Apr-2007, Ullrich's DNA matches some OP blood.
1-Apr-2007, Ian Thorpe, star AUS swimmer, has non-prosecuted tests leaked, by L'Equipe.

30-Mar-2007, Landis does Cycleops Trainer event in SF, with interviews.
30-Mar-2007, TBV March Report (no Feb was done).
28-Mar-2007, Where are the data files? It turns out later, copied to CD or deleted.
27-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd, part III, hearing overview.
27-Mar-2007, Slide show 3.0 released.
25-Mar-2007, Homecoming weekend in Lancaster.
23-Mar-2007, ADA is going to pay some of Turnbull's expenses. He was cleared of T/E violation because of alcohol.
22-Mar-2007, DPF discussion reveals importance of the data files.
20-Mar-2007, Mr. Pound is interested in being the CAS President.
19-Mar-2007, FFF/Lancaster sold out, new show added.
17-Mar-2007, Landis at National Bike Summit in DC, also lobbying.
14-Mar-2007, Hiltzik "cleared" of sock-puppeting DPF
12-Mar-2007, Catlin announces retirement.
12-Mar-2007, Klass Farber chimes in on 0.8 measurement error and thesholds.
11-Mar-2007, FFF Denver.
10-Mar-2007, FFF Chicago
9-Mar-2007, UCI announces "100% against doping" program.
8-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd, Part II, arbitration
7-Mar-2007, Terry Madden retiring from USADA
6-Mar-2007, Hiltzik does a chat at DPF.'
5-Mar-2007, Judging Floyd Part I, getting a case.
2-mar-2007, On "A Technicality"
2-Mar-2007, Independant (UK) article on the case.
1-Mar-2007, Steroid ring bust in Florida.

27-Feb-2007, We look at the paper Baker cites to support subtracting 0.8 uncertainty.
27-Feb-2007, Chris Fortune of Saris sends a letter to many industry people.
25-Feb-2007, Times (UK) interview
23-Feb-2007, Bunch of articles about procedural flaws at LNDD.
23-Feb-2007, You3 starts figuring out the T/E tests at DPF
22-Feb-2007, FFF/San Jose
21-Feb-2007, Landis interview on KCBS-5 TV, San Francisco
19-Feb-2007, Landis welcomed at Tour of California
18-Feb-2007, 1000 protesters march in Spain in favor of Peirero.
18-Feb-2007, FFF/SF event with new data. Landis starts wearing a suit in public.
18-Feb-2007, Tour of California start.
8-Feb-2007, Arbitrators are named publicly
8-Feb-2007, AFLD stays proceedings, with drama.
8-Feb-2007, Story breaks that USADA asked to test 8 more B samples.
7-Feb-2008, FFF/Landis event in Brooklyn.
7-Feb-2008, Henson/Baker conference call announces hearing date.
7-Feb-2008, Many outlets expect AFLD ban tomorrow.
6-Feb-2008, NYVeloCity "roller races" get some special visitors.
6-Feb-2007, Dugard notes ASO is feeling the heat.
5-Feb-2007, Landis statement chastises headline hounds without naming Wiggins.
4-Feb-2007, Strbuk leaks the kick-ass brownie recipe that fattened Landis.
3-Feb-2007, Wiggins is ashamed to be a cyclist, and sickened by Landis.
2-Feb-2007, debate whether DP Tygart interview was "softball" rages.
1-Feb-2007, Lelangue is quoted as saying "Landis Betrayed Me!"; world yawns.

31-Jan-2007, CyclingPost thinks Landis is mentally ill for saying something "is depressing."
30-Jan-2007, Date of Landis letter read to AFLD on Feb 8th.
30-Jan-2007, TBV monthly report, a day late.
29-Jan-2007, Prudhomme, Tour Director, is annoyed at the lack of resolution.
29-Jan-2007, ESPN writes Landis has written off the season.
29-Jan-2007, Daily Peloton interview with Tygart of USADA.
28-Jan-2007, Peirero let off the hook, but still waiting for an apology.
27-Jan-2007, Landis blasts Mr. Pounds claims of involvement with AFLD
26-Jan-2007, Landis said to be asking AFLD for a stay.
25-Jan-2007, Hiltzik continues with story of Lausanne WADA conference.
24-Jan-2007, Mr. Pound is annoyed at slow cases, claims influence on AFLD.
23-Jan-2007, Lefevere of QuickStep runs into his own buzzsaw.
21-Jan-2007, Landis runs his Power Camp, gets a custom bike, and does extensive riding.
21-Jan-2007, Rumours of Landis to Slipstream.
16-Jan,2007, NPR runs story about Landis.
16-Jan-2007, Peirero has a dustup with AFLD over a TUE
15-Jan-2007, Hiltzik series continues on updates to WADA code.
12-Jan-2007, French schedule a hearing for 8-Feb.
10-Jan-2007, Landis "Town Hall" in Arlington VA.
, Landis adds Maurice Suh to Legal team.
8-Jan-2007, Landis responds to Pound in NYT and Wired, widely carried.
6-Jan-2007, New York Times Magazine on Pound, Landis.
5-Jan-2007, Landis distances himself from, but compliments TBV
4-Jan-2007, John Lelangue acts betrayed.
4-Jan-2007, Floyd Fairness Fund (FFF) opened.
3-Jan-2007, CBC National TV on Landis, Cycling doping.
1-Jan-2007, Landis Daily Peloton interview.

29-Dec-2006, TBV December report.
28-Dec-2006, Wired article on Pound, Landis.
28-Dec-2006, Lance ducks Landis at Leadville.
27-Dec-2006, NPR story, "Cycling ends an ugly year"
19-Dec-2006, Landaluze acquitted because of LNDD error.
23-Dec-2006, LA Times report on Landis case.
23-Dec-2006, Landis announces Leadville appearance
19-Dec-2006, Landaluze wins CAS decision, Landis claims win.
17-Dec-2006, David Witt Memorial Cycling Classic, sounds fun.
17-Dec-2006, Daily News interview more measured.
16-Dec-2006, Dutch interviews read as giving up career.
09-Dec-2006, LA Times series on doping enforcement.
07-Dec-2006, Velonews story includes USADA's "anti-slideshow 2.0"
06-Dec-2006, Basso thinks Peirero is the "moral" winner.
05-Dec-2006, TE Testing calibration questioned.

30-Nov-2006, Better CIR science arguments emerge via Duckstrap.
29-Nov-2006, TBV monthly report.
28-Nov-2006, The Post, Landis shoots back at Lemond, then goes silent on DPF
25-Nov-2006, Landis says arbitrators have been selected, no names given.
, Landis hints he has WADA scientists who will testify his CIR is negative.
Zorzoli talking about lowering Testosterone limits with AIMEC.
, Stade 2 story on hacker and hacker documents.
, Arnie Baker Slideshow 2.1 in Tucson.
16-Nov-2006, Abt says Hacker docs look real and damning; wants more.
, LNDD admits "typing errors"
Story breaks about lab computer hacking and leaked files.
12-Nov-2006 Landis Interview on French TV Stade 2 broadcast
9-Nov-2006, Hacker documents physically mailed according to Abt.
7-Nov-2006 Bordry files Police complaint about hacking into lab.
6-Nov-2006 Landis tapes interview for French TV. Answers question about lab.

5-Nov-2006, TBV begins correspondence review with "No documents for you!" with letters provided by Landis.
, USADA rejects document demand of 16-Oct, will not provide longitudinal data promised on 13-Oct.
1-Nov-2006, USADA tells AAA to proceed, no single CAS hearing.
1-Nov-2006, Landis warns delay producing longitudinal data is prejudicial.
1-Nov-2006, replying to previous requests, USADA says wait for longitudinal data.

, TBV Quarterly Report
26-Oct-2006, To
ur Route presentation in Paris.
26-Oct-2006, Landis repeats request for longitudinal data.
23-Oct-2006, Landis describes public hearing, offers to trade comment for documents.
23-Oct-2006, USADA tells AAA it may be a single CAS hearing.
20-Oct-2006, Appearance in Madison Wisc., "take down the UCI"
19-Oct-2006, USADA asks for proposal about what a public hearing might be.
Arnie Baker talk at SD Trek; Justin covers; audio, video
18-Oct-2006, USADA complains about answering their questions.
17-Oct-2006, Landis says Malibu has hotels, "public" means public.
17-Oct-2006, USADA doesn't know what "public" means.
16-Oct-2006 Landis makes Demand to USADA for documents.
16-Oct-2006, Landis give Conditions for single CAS hearing.
13-Oct-2006, UCI promises longitudinal data, proposes single CAS hearing.
12-0ct-2006, Landis releases documents as promised
10-Oct-2006, AAA requests "contentions" about hearing and location.
9-Oct-2006, Landis asks UCI for longitudinal data.

8-Oct-2006, Landis admits being the Ferret, Daily Peloton Forum appearance.
, AAA acknowledges Malibu as location and lays things out.
, USADA commences AAA proceedings.

30-Sep-2006, first Ferret document.
, Landis officially demands public hearing.
29-Sep-2006, TBV two month status review.
27-Sep-2006, Hip surgery performed.
27-Sep-2006, ASO head Clerc asserts Landis is guilty.
24-Sep-2006, Rumour ADRB couldn't get LDP translated.
23-Sep-2006, McQuaid calls for Pound's removal
ADRB decision announced, Landis preparing appeal, hip surgery.
16-Sep-2006, WADA is "monitoring" the case, via CyclingNews.
??-Sep-2006, LNDD notices access to Lab computers?
13-Sep-2006, Hacker alleged mails from LNDD to Swimming federations
13-Sep-2006, SD Paper reports Landis/Armstrong deal offer.
11-Sep-2006, Landis filing request for ADRB to dismiss.
CAS Decision on Barry Forde.
8-Sep-2006, Landis intending to file request for dismissal.

31-Aug-2006, Landis receives LDP, without longitudinal data.
29-Aug-2006, TBV One month status review.
15-Aug-2006, David Witt suicide.
15-Aug-2006, Landis open letter to Phonak cycling team.
15-Aug-2006, Phonak announces plan to disband.
15-Aug-2006, Tom Prail claims first noticed.
12-Aug-2006, Armstrong advises going silent.
9-Aug-2006, Dick Pound introduces "Nazi Frogmen" to the discussion.
8-Aug-2006, Tells Union Tribune he'll retire if he loses.
7-Aug-2006, USADA asks UCI for LDP and longitudinal data.
7-Aug-2006, Landis on Leno
7-Aug-2006, Landis raises "agenda" in TV interview, via CyclingNews.
7-Aug-2006, USA Cycling refers to USADA, via CyclingNews.
5-Aug-2006, Landis response to UCI B sample announcement.
5-Aug-2006, Phonak announces termination.
5-Aug-2006, UCI announces B sample positive
4-Aug-2006, Landis asks readers to Keep the Faith
3-Aug-2006, B Sample test performed, via CyclingNews.
1-Aug-2006, UCI Leaks positive A sample CIR finding, via CyclingNews
1-Aug-2006, UCI orders B sample test, via CyclingNews.

29-Jul-2006, Landis on Larry King.
29-Jul-2006, First edition of TBV.
28-Jul-2006, Landis first round of TV interviews.
28-Jul-2006, Landis press conference from Madrid, via CyclingNews.
28-Jul-2006, Landis denies doping, via CyclingNews.
28-Jul-2006, USA Cycling says it won't be commenting, via CyclingNews.
27-Jul-2006, Phonak confirms AAF is Landis, suspends, via CyclingNews.
26-Jul-2006, UCI announces AAF at Tour.
26-Jul-2006, Landis wins Tour, starts Foundation
24-Jul-2006, Phonak celebrates Paris in Yellow.
23-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 20.
22-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey blood and urine after Stage 19.
20-Jul-2006, Landis stage win urine after Stage 17.
18-Jul-2006, Landis
yellow jersey urine after Stage 15.
14-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 12.
13-Jul-2006, Landis yellow jersey urine after Stage 11.
11-Jul-2006, Landis random blood and urine after Stage 9.
6-Jul-2006, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Basketball Fed.
5-Jul-2006, Landis random urine after Stage 3.
5-Jul-2006, UCI Announces all pre-tour OOC tests negatives.
28-Mar-2006, Dr. Zorzoli suspension by UCI over.
28-Feb-2006, Dr. Zorzoli suspended by UCI over role in the L'Equipe, Armstrong, LNDD, EPO affair.

17-Nov-2005, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Fed of Associations.
10-May-2005, Hacker alleged mail from LNDD to Squash Fed.

13-Jan-2004, One year later, reflects on injury.

28-Jan-2003, tells a story about breaking his hip.

Test data from the Laboratory Documentation Package (LDP):


USADA_278 sample B, quantification of T/E=10.9, op #23 at 7:39 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 18:43 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_279 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.0, op #23 at 7:35 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:14 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_281 sample B, quantification of T/E=11.1, op #23 at 7:36 AM, date acquired 3-Aug-06 19:45 last calibration update 04-Aug-06 07:32

USADA_283 sample B, quantification of free T&E, op #23 date acquired 3-Aug-06 20:16


USADA_288 sample B, T/E confirmation = 7.7 to 14.3

USADA_352 sample B, GC/C/IRMS conclusion (form dtd 24/11/05)


USADA_101 sample A, T/E=8 to 14.8 confirmation (form dtd 29/5/06)

USADA_057 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=5.1 operator #10
USADA_009 sample A, GC/C/IRMS conclusion


USADA_175 CG/C/IRMS validation of calibration of 9-May-06
USADA_092 sample A, quantification T/E (3 points) T/E=11.4 at 5:17 PM, date acquired 24-Jul-06 13:28 last calibration update 24-Jul-06 17:15

USADA_091 sample A, metabolite quantification graphs
USADA_082 sample A, ion/dwell in group


USADA_177 Stabalite 3, reference graph data
USADA_176 sample A, GC graphs
USADA_131 sample A, IRMS metabolites verification graphs


USADA_051 steroid screen calibration, operator #18
USADA_054 sample A, steroid screen, T/E=4.9 operator #18


USADA_060 steroid screen calibration, operator #37


USADA_024 transport control form

Missing history - anybody who finds a reference link gets 5 TBV bonus points.

moves to Phonak
phonak turmoil
2005 season
2006 wins ToC
2006 wins Paris-Nice
2006 wins ToG
2006 Dauphine
Gets pre-tour cortisone.
Wins Crit.
not seen at crit

Missing Detailed timeline of first few days/week. Refer to Amber Landis interview.

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