Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Roundup

The CyclingNews summarizes the LeMond story from Colorado, and also mentions that Iban Mayo's "B" sample results have been delayed until tomorrow:

... the laboratory "finished its work at noon". The UCI is the only authority which can communicate the results, so Mayo, who is suspended from riding, will have to wait three more days. The cyclists from Igorre (Bizkaia) denies having doped. "It's impossible" he said various times to Matxín when he was asked about the subject.

Will the UCI make a public announcement, or will the lab leak it to a local newspaper?

Meet The Press with Tim Russert featured an interview with Lance Armstrong this AM which was about the cancer forum for Presidential candidates Armstrong is hosting Monday and Tuesday in Iowa. Russert taped a longer interview with LA which promises to include comments about the future of cycling that will be accessible by clicking on the link for "Take Two" on the right hand side of the MTP homepage.

Rant wants the arbitration panel in the Landis case to take all the time they need IF they are deliberating the many complicated points of the case in a thoughtful manner. The timing of the pending announcement could determine how the arb panel wants the public to perceive its' decision. Waiting is the hardest part.

Let the Stars Lead My Way lists a bunch of people who would make appropriate essay subjects, and Floyd Landis is one of them. Of course so is Pope John Paul the II and Slobodan Milosevic so we suppose Floyd slots somewhere in between those two.

Gorilla on a bike doesn't think he likes Landis coming to the SM100, for fear it will disrupt the folksy feel of the event.

Rants and Revelations points to the Environmental Chemistry article about the wait for a decision.

CyclingBeat goes over a bunch of cycling news as reported by blogs, including Rant, but not us.

Dan Frayer
skipped an event this weekend to save his legs for his mano-a-mano with Landis at the SM100.

We got passed today on Diablo by a Leadville jersey wearer on a mountain bike. We asked how he did, and he said "eleven and a half", to which we replied, "way to go" as he rode into the distance. It was an ugly ride for us.

CyclingUnderTheInfluence needs some recovery help. If he had Landis' phone number, he says he'd ask for a sack patch. Too bad USADA's theory was testosterone cream on the chest, and he might have better luck calling Joe Papp.

The Jellomen's scandal continues to play out. The disputed winner is trying get his story out, but not yet with success:
Two summer charity rides to support the Dave Defense Fund were disappointing, raising only $1.52 and a used copy of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Plans for a national tour were canceled after protesters outnumbered sympathizers at the initial event at the Coal Valley Rotary. Floyd Landis's fundraising efforts appear to have emptied the pockets of potential supporters. Hill is planning a book about his experiences, tentatively entitled Negatively Positive: The Dave Hill Story.