Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Roundup

CyclingNews MB section says Floyd Landis will be riding in the Shenandoah 100 next weekend. CyclingNews also reports on the CONI appeal of the Petacchi case to the CAS.

ESPN reports that the IOC has stated it will ban doping violators from the Olympics, even if their suspensions has been served and ended, and Rogge is in favor of the IAAF's proposal to up bans to 4 years.

The Boulder Report makes note of people lying in public and getting caught in those lies in this time of "youtube" reality. He doesn't believe Disco ever had a sponsor, and how can Vino claim human rights violations? And so it goes.

In a later edition of the Boulder Report Joe Lindsey thinks that Pat McQuaid missed the boat on negotiations with the ASO about restructuring the pro tour . Lindsey thinks it's like an EBay transaction gone wrong. It's actually worse than that, since PayPal will not guarantee this deal.

The ProTour’s totally in good health, too – the last two teams into the game, Astana and Unibet, are just primed for another year of fun. Unibet’s bailing, and Astana, well, let’s just say that Andreas Kloeden might want to be looking at other opportunities. Disco’s out, the rest of the teams are fighting amongst themselves and the riders have about as much of a political voice as an opposition party in North Korea. Any deal must be stuck between the two principles, the UCI and the race organizers, who hate the whole thing.

Blogs makes it official, Floyd will be at the Shenandoah 100 on September 2.

Rant feels that time has crawled to a standstill as we wait for the verdict in the Landis vs USADA hearings. The arbitration panel has been deliberating for three months now, and Rant goes over some of the possible scenarios causing what seemed to be the interminable delay.

Indiana Peloton posts an old picture of Floyd from last December displaying his feelings about, someone. He started the blog to help motivate his riding but feels maybe it's too hot to ride, or it could be one of the other reasons cited. He goes to to chart his rides, the ones he makes at any rate. We go to Bikely and map routes we'll never try.

Hasson at MySpace finds one of the Landis related fake headlines at funny.

City Bikes Mike is excited that Floyd Landis will be riding in the Shenandoah 100 on September 2 in Harrisonburg, VA.

Potholes and Roadapples
also notes the Eastward trek, describes the wait as Landis "twisting in the wind", and gives us a plug.

VeloSwiss finished reading "Positively False" and found the "What's Fair is Clear" presentation by Dr. Arnie Baker to be compelling and worrisome for USADA. VS interviewed Dr. Baker in 2004 and posts a picture he took of Floyd in happier times.

Floyd Landis at the 2004 Tour de France in full Postal prologue regalia.

Dugard writes, with no Landis content:
America is one very fat country, with a morbid obesity epidemic, a firm grasp on mediocrity, a love affair with spectator sports instead of particpatory competition, and truly a NASCAR nation. (there's more: red state, non-reading, intelligence averse, and hardly the sort of sturdy pioneer stock that once founded the nation. The list of mediocrities is endless. In short, we have become Europe, without that firmly rooted sense of history).

In reaction, Stephen Colbert is warming up his interview question, "Why do you hate America?"


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