Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The CyclingNews reports that the Kazakh cycling federation says that Andrey Kashechkin's blood has been tested and came back negative, but representatives from Astana has denied that it was the official B-sample from his positive test which was sent to an "independent French lab". Mysteries abound.

Aspen times reports 24 year-old Max Taam, who finished 4th behind Wiens, Landis and Kloser at Leadville, was a runner up at the Dillon Pro Criterium. Sounds like a good set of results for his first summer as a competitive cyclist!

Blogs provides a triple entry with recaps on the Leadville 100 by Floyd himself, Dr. Brent Kay Floyd's physician, and Robbie Ventura Floyd's friend and coach. From Floyd's perspective the race was a great experience, with the exception of the results his wash out early on (see photo). He expresses gratitude to a number of folks who helped in this endeavor. From Dr. Kay's viewpoint of Leadville the BHR was a complete success and will be an example of what might be accomplished by a world class athlete after a hip resurfacing procedure. From Robbie Ventura comes perhaps the most interesting entry which emphasizes Floyd's preparation for the race and what that entailed:

I was able to do one test with him a week before the event on some smaller climbs near Vail and he did very well on his 20 minute power. It was about 90-95 percentage of where it was when he won the tour in 2006. He was able to do 380+ watts comfortably for a 27 minute climb and that was after a significant climb earlier in the day. Floyd did about 20 hours a week for three weeks with several big climbs each day. Floyd struggled the first 10 days but really turned the corner about 10 days before the race. He wanted to train harder and longer but I thought it better that he not overdo it since his longest week since the surgery was just over 17 hours. I was impressed with the quickness he came around and it just leads me to believe that he should be ready to compete at a very high level in a matter of months once we set some goals and lay out the rest of the year and next.

Rant ponders the possibility of an IAAF proposal to WADA to reestablish a 4 year ban for doping offenses replacing the current standard 2 year suspension. Rant feels this is overkill as most competitors suspended for 2 years never come back to top form anyway. It makes more sense to fix the system so it works more efficiently. Rant also links a song called Bike.

Science Fiction Twin
thinks he's found out what Floyd Landis has been doing with his spare time, but the resemblance seems a bit of a stretch, and does anyone know if Floyd can even sing anyway?

PTomblin really likes the Environmental Chemistry blog posts about the Landis case.

University of Chicago Law Faculty/Randy Picker
considers the limits of competition, citing Bonds and the meltdown of the last Tour, and the Landis case. (Also at the Chicago Tribune). He concludes pill-popping competition is unfair.


Mike Solberg said...

I'd just like to say: Geeeez...I can't believe the decision is taking this long!


ddt240 said...

Anyone noticed yet that Mayo's B-sample test for the non-negative EPO result from le Tour is not being done at LNDD? Cyclingnews is reporting that it was opened at University of Gent, Belgium. I find this a bit disturbing given the stink that was raised about Floyd wanting to have the tests on his B-samples from his already negative A-samples from the 2006 tests performed at another lab.

Gary O'Brien said...

Strbuk, I admit the resemblance is vague, but with the haircut and beard it seemed close enough. But, listen to the song. It's "My Rights Versus Your Rights." It seemed appropriate.

Don't know if Floyd sings, but I've always pictured him singing to himself as he grinds up climbs on training. Admittedly, that's what I do. In my head I start out with Elvis Costello on the bottom and by the time I reach the top, I'm late era Tom Waits.

hatefrench said...

Does anybody know if the arbitators are still alive? Seriously, I´m very anxious.It can´t take that long to get a decision. What´s Bill Hue- with insight- saying to this amount of time?
@ddt The LNDD has closed in august, that´s the reason why. Whole france is on vacation...
@garry: Floyd is a very good singer and bothering people around him all the time while singing. So, you were right ;-)

bill hue said...

Hello Mr French,

I have no insight on the reason for delay. Sorry I cannot be more helpful!

Bill Hue

Jeff said...

Does anyone know if they have even closed the hearing yet? Last I heard, they hadn't. but that was a while ago. Do they have to notify the parties involved when they do close the hearing? Anyone know?

Larry said...

Jeff, my sources tell me that either the hearing is not closed, or else they closed the hearing without telling anyone.

Reaching for the Impossible said...

Remember when we were awaiting Floyd's B sample and the UCI said that they requested it be tested because Floyd had not and it was getting close to the cutoff date for Floyd to request this?

Do you think Floyd was holding off for the LNDD to close before he made the request so that it would be tested at a seperate lab? That would have been nice if it had worked out.