Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

The Rocky Mountain News has the inspiring story of one of the participants in Saturday's Leadville 100 in which Floyd Landis will also ride. Details of the ride, along with the best vantage points are also provided.

PezCycling debates hydration during extreme physical activity, and uses Floyd Landis' Stage 17 victory in last year's Tour de France as an example.

writes about yet another athlete using Howard Jacobs as legal representation in a doping case.

KWXT confirms that Lance Armstrong will NOT ride in the Leadville 100 against Floyd Landis on Saturday. Chris Carmichael, Armstrong's long time coach, will participate in the race.

UltraRob not only notes that Floyd Landis has been seen on part of the Leadville 100 trail seriously training, but that he also plans to attend the race and check on his claim. Looks like Floyd wants to be sure he doesn't get beat by any girls again this time around.

may have found a new BFF, and she provides the application of one Sara Best to prove it. There is a small amount of Landis content.

Rant has some interesting thoughts on Cadel Evans and Alberto Contador on a quiet Tuesday.


cat2bike said...

Lance is a wuss!!!!!!!!!

jrdbutcher said...

Brave posting on a blog. Quite insightful of you cat2bike.