Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that while Lance Armstrong is now reportedly not racing on Saturday against Floyd Landis in the Leadville 100 the race co-founder Ken Chlouber says that if Lance shows up 10 seconds before the race's beginning he can start. The CyclingNews also blurbs the race.

The Arizona Daily Sta
r says it's too early to really comprehend Barry Bonds' achievement last night, and then gives us the top ten most controversial sports moments in history with Floyd Landis logging in at lucky number seven.

At the IHT, Sam Abt reviews "From Lance to Landis", and thinks it is "left with a sprawl of guesswork and circumstantial evidence." and that, "It's compelling reading and it comes to naught."

Reuters/CNN report another Astana rider, Andrey Kashechkin, has tested positive for blood doping, suspended immediately.

Eurosport reports Astana management admitting naivete at the Tour.

Times (UK) reports Contador is making a statement in Spain on Friday, with Bruyneel. He won't be taking questions. Whether it will be a confession, obfuscation, Rassmusenian "trust me", "I'm doing the Vuelta" or "I have a new sunglasses sponsor" is unknown.

Rant tells a tale of two investigations, targeting Contador and Rasmussen's dismissal.

Cycling Fans Anonymous thinks Landis will get a decision, sometime in the next two centuries.

The Simple Truth did the Colorado Cooper Triangle last weekend and had many adventures going to and from the event. She is sorry she missed seeing Floyd Landis, but is pretty sure he passed her.

Potholes and Roadapples repeats the confusion about Lance or no Lance at Leadville; Pinch Flat News as well.

EyeonBooks shares a month old audio interview done in Washington, DC with Floyd Landis about "Positively False".

should have mentally prepared for his bike test instead of trying to be a cocky Floyd Landis.

Sara Best
posts a very nice piece about former Landis teammate Axel Merckx who is retiring from cycling.

Cyclocosm has established "CRAP" and decrees that Floyd Landis may only ride the Leadville 100 IF he uses the "praying Landis" position throughout the entire ride.

Jason Stamper has a solution-- ban all the bicyclists from the races, and have the guys on the motorcycles compete for the glory of the yellow helmet.

BloggingStocks thinks Barry Bond's record breaking baseball is worth exactly as much as Floyd Landis' pee cup.

Pirate Poetry
is pissed at the positive attention Bonds seems to be getting. On hearing San Francisco mayor Newsome's intent to have a Barry Bonds day, il piratino snarks he should also declare a Floyd Landis day.

MJRyan gives us a link is contemplating rooting for Slipstream if the plug is pulled on Discovery.

At DPF, there's an interesting discussion of a UCI study about blood parameters, and a news analysis that puts together a narrative of what some think has been happening since about '96.