Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

The Aspen Times writes about a relatively unknown rider, Max Taam, who had a spectacular race at Leadville which was lost in the "hoopla" surrounding the Wiens Landis duel.

ESPN posts an AP story about Italian pole vaulter Giuseppe Gibilisco who requested the CAS hear his request to lift his suspension until his appeal is completed, they refused due to jurisdictional factors . No Landis content, but the implications are interesting considering that never tested positive for doping.

An emailer encourages us to note that Unibet is folding, at ESPN and better at VeloNews. It appears to be a proxy-target in the ASO/UCI pissing contest.

If there is a common theme in most of the Leadville stories, it's that nutrition left a lot of folks short.

Fatty posts part 3 of his Leadville saga with what he feels would be answers to FAQs.

Drunk Cyclist re-gifts a picture we borrowed first, shot by McCusker and originally put up by Glendora, of the Leadville start. Just trying here to get the credits right, because if we don't then nobody else will.

Striker raced the Leadville 100 last Saturday too, and gives an entertaining account of his quest for a personal best time and a finish under 10 hours.

Gettin Better/Mike turned a 10:27.

was going to do Leadville, but on a pre-ride, broke his clavicle -- and had to get back to town with it. Later, he shows admirable perspective.

Jeff Kerkove takes this opportunity to give credit to Ergon grips for Wiens' win, complete with quotes from Dave himself. That is sponsor friendly!

What I Think expresses the opinion that those who mourn the loss of Disco have the wrong impression. There was sponsor money, but not enough to please those at Tailwind. It's also suggested that with its' history of having employed riders who got caught doping Postal/Disco was just better at cheating than all the other teams, and Lance Armstrong is the rottenest apple at the bottom of that barrel.

Simon Martin has been getting personal training advice from Floyd Landis, well at least from reading "Positively False". He came in third in a race and that was not only Floyd's fault but it HURT as well, and that's good.

Kevin's Thoughts on Life made his very first race a Leadville. He very aptly describes the true pain and effort most riders must feel when they ride it -- he dug deeply into his suitcase of courage to be sure.

Late, Rant looks at Joe Papp, wondering what kind of advice he has been getting. The comment by Morgan is also insightful.

The Boston Bachelor talks about coming through when it ain't easy, and typographically snarks Landis:

Because only by always accepting responsibility for the outcome will you ever obtain the strength and perseverance necessary for greatness. Think of MJ’s flu game against Utah, Larry Legend willing the Celtics to an OT victory in Game 4 of the ’84 NBA Finals, or Floyd Landis’ miraculous comeback in the 2006 Tour de France. Against all external odds, the greatest still find a way.

Well, it's an honor to be considered part of that company. The final verdict is still not in.


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Versus seems to be still interested in TdF coverage, and perhaps ProCycling in general. See the Reuters story:

Interesting that ProCycling is in the same "league" with whitetail hunting and cage fighting.