Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Reuters via News24 reports on the event in DC/Arlington VA:

"I'm sure this will get resolved in the right way."

The money collected during the tour will be used by Landis's defence team. Auctions were held for signed posters, signed jerseys and even a signed bottle of whisky. finally catches up with the Pound vs Landis dust up, as does the Jamaica Gleaner News with a reprint of the Reuters piece from yesterday.

VeloNews letter
wonders about Mr. Pound.

Cyclocosm has many of the same question that others have posed about the idiocy of Mr. Pound and Mr McQuaid.

Dugard thinks Landis is learning his PR lessons, witnessed by the pick-up of his reaction to Mr. Pound's "virgin" comment.

Rant riffs on Landis' response, Lawyers, guns and money, and thinks Mr. Pound should go on the Colbert Report to demonstrate "factiness"; In a later post, he considers Baker's fairness suggestions at the FFF (sumarized here), and thinks them good. He's especially enlightened by Baker's observation that the athlete can be placed under multiple jeopardy.

VeloChimp demurely offers that McQuaid is an idiot and should resign.

The Spokesmen podcast produces a nice collection of bloggers and topics, among them the Landis/Pound controversy of the past few days.

Notorious Byronious feels Landis may have been a victim of contempt prior to the investigation.

The Standard of China summarizes the Landis/Pound controvery with the headline: "Tainted idol angered by `defamatory' comments" Dugard should call up Mark Burnett and pitch a new adventure/reality show, "Tainted Idol." Send royalty checks here, please.

Sportspod notes that Landis is annoyed with Mr. Pound of WADA.

A Bloke thinks Mr. Pound got it very wrong:
floyd llandis has every right to be outraged. it’s obvious dick pound knows absolutely nothing about motorcycles. if he did, he’d have said llandis was on a ducati.

Llawdy, he isn't sure if a Ha-Harley can get up a h-hill.

Gwadzilla wonders if we will ever really know the "truth" and does so in a style that is almost lyric poetry.
He notes the DC event, hopes he is innocent, thinks he might be guilty, and is going to keep his hand out of his wallet. It's TBV's guess that the vast majority of people have similar inclinations -- those who are informed enough to really think GUILTY! or INNOCENT! are in small in number, really, and those who are inclined to pony up a subset of those. Probably a lot of folks who think he is guilty want him to be innocent but are sour enough on the sport to think it unlikely.

Sportacular picks up The Solution to doping which we mentioned before, but which seems not to have found traction: Hypnosis. You will not dope. You will not dope. You will not dope.

Three O'clock in the Morning pumps you up with some rather radical conspiracy theories. On reading the NYT Magazine article, he comes out all in favor of genetic doping:
The technology will eventually be used to create a race of super soldiers, kind of like Kurt Russel in that movie Soldier.

Which is really okay. I mean, we're going to need somebody to fight the machines when the great robot revolution begins.

Let's get this straight: on one hand we have WADA, on the side of the robots in their revolution, and on the other, we have the dopers who will build the Ubermen that will save us from the robots (before putting everyone else under their benevolent rule). That's all clear, right everybody?

Remember, there are only two sides, so choose wisely.



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