Friday, January 05, 2007

A small serving of ice cream...

if not exactly a full scoop. From this mailing list, we see:

>INVITATION; January 10, 2007
>"The Bike Lane presents an evening with Floyd Landis"
>- The Floyd Fairness Fund comes to Washington DC -


>In 2006 Floyd Landis won four of the six races that he entered; the
>inaugural Amgen Tour of California, the prestigious week-long Paris-Nice,
>the Ford Tour de Georgia,and the Tour de France. This champion is coming
>Washington DC to meet and greet regional cyclists, to spread awareness of
>the Floyd Fairness Fund - and to spend an evening
>cyclists and cycling fans.
>Spend an evening with Floyd in Arlington, Virginia at the Arlington Cinema
>Drafthouse on Wednesday January 10, 2007 from 6 to 9pm to help him raise
>awareness in the Floyd Fairness Fund - Ask
>questions, hang out and get to know him in this opportunity of a lifetime
>right here in our own back yard. Guests must bring this invitation with
>them for entrance to the reception where there will be food and beverages
>as well as a chance to meet Floyd. The Arlington Cinema D Drafthouse will
>host the Bike Lanes evening with Floyd Landis" to raise awareness in this fight.
>His fight for fairness, his fight for awareness and his fight to retain his
>2006 Tour de France title.
>The Floyd Fairness Fund (FFF) was established to support Floyd Landis in
>his efforts to clear his name of unsubstantiated doping allegations by
>providing him with the means to attain a fair and just hearing. FFF
>resources will be focused on initiatives to assist Floyd to retain his 2006
>Tour de France
>title and to return as soon as possible to his full time career and passion
>bicycle racing. Denied the basic right of due process, Floyd has been
>subject to punitive and unfair treatment by the Anti-Doping Organizations
>(ADOs) and International Sports Federations, the very groups that have been
>mandated to protect athletes rights. Even at the top level of professional
>cycling, Floyds individual resources cannot come close to matching those of
>these international sports bureaucracies. This is why the FFF must support
>Floyd in his fight for fairness.
>The Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse will be hosting the Bike Lanes evening
>with Floyd Landis" on Wednesday January 10, 2007 from 6 to 9pm. Tickets
>be purchased at as well as donations to the
> Please help us welcome him to Washington DC, spend
>the evening with him and raise awareness, raise funds to support fairness
>and raise the floor for Floyd!
>Tickets are $25 advance, through and $35 at the door. This
>invitiation MUST be brought to the reception for entrance. Advance tickets
>will close Tuesday evening at 9pm. ADVANCE registration here;
>Donations are listed online at and will be taken throughout the
>evening. is online and active, please take a moment
>to read and support Floyd Landis