Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

SI.Com posts a story simliar to the Reuters piece below, though with an AP pedigre. This version has less emphasis on the AFLD angle of Pound's comments. The Sporting News chimes in as well.

Reuters posts a story in which WADA chief Dick Pound is calling for more timely proceedings in doping cases. It also asserts that he wishes the AFLD to postpone its case against Landis until after the WADA/USADA proceedings have taken place:

Despite the slow progress of the case of American Landis, who tested positive for high levels of the male sex hormone testosterone during last year's Tour, Pound said WADA had asked French anti-doping officials to hold off on their investigation into the scandal.

VeloNews (with minimal Landis coverage) reports that Lefevere will sue over doping allegations and that the Spainish gov. wants the Pereiro case dropped completely.

Pommi is speechless when it comes to the irony that is Dick Pound:

Dick Pound stepped into the light today, and "called for "greater unity" of the sports' institutions in the fight against doping". According to Reuters, he also called for expedited processing of doping cases. How ironic that he comes up with that idea now, after having dragged out the Floyd Landis case for months and months. On the other hand, Pound wants the AFLD to defer its investigation after the WADA/UCI proceedings on the Landis case. What is also funny, is that he was quoted saying
"But we at WADA have never said anything about the guilt or innocence of the person involved. We just say that the process has to run its course, and we will see what decision is taken at the end."
I'm speechless ...

ScienceFiction Twin mangaes to get Patrick Lefevere type hypocricy and Monty Python type cycling into the same piece.

Rant notes that Patrick Lefevere is fighting mad and striking back, and may be about to eat some of his own words:

But just as it’s easy to make outrageious or slanderous comments anonymously, it’s also easy to make outrageous or slanderous comments when one is up on his high horse acting as a “paragon of virtue” and commenting about ongoing doping cases, such as the Landis case. So who’s telling the truth — Lefevere or Het Laatse Nieuws’ sources?

Steroid Nation discusses Lefevere and his possible lawsuit, and the latest round in the "Landis vs Pound" middle weight prize fight.

Through the Wall is going to Temecula for the final weekend of FL's power camp, and is very excited to be doing so!

NashvilleCyclist thinks that whether they admit PED use or not, cyclists get pushed around by the media because they are not as physically intimidating as the "stick and ball" guys.

FreshGlue thinks that Floyd Landis is the George W. Bush of cycling.

The Lefevere discussion continues over on DP with a translation by correspondent Marc of some of today's developments.

Thought of the Day

“I can't stand cheap people. It makes me real mad when someone says something like, "Hey, when are you going to pay me that $100 you owe me?" or "Do you have that $50 you borrowed?" Man, quit being so cheap!”



Radio Free Newport said...

Good news or just a formality?

* Pound admits to asking French to suspend Landis investigation

Halverde said...

In what way is the "hmmm didn't he want to sue Landis?" comment even remotely relevant? Even taking into account the extent to which Americans struggle with irony, I still fail to understand how somebody threatening to sue somebody else for one thing, then several months later suing a different person for a different thing can possibly imply double standards.

Anonymous said...

"But we at WADA have never said anything about the guilt or innocence of the person involved. We just say that the process has to run its course, and we will see what decision is taken at the end."
This Dick comment from the Reuters article would be laughable (in light of Dick's Harley and Virgin comments among others)if he wasn't the one in charge at the madhouse that is WADA.

Cheryl from Maryland said...

The Velo News has this story as well:

with the interesting description as a "skewed testosterone-epitestosterone ration" rather than doping or negative test.

Anonymous said...


Lefevere suggested somebody should sue Landis for the damage Floyd's alleged doping has done to cycling. Now it turns out that Lefevere is an admitted doper.

Lefevere looks like a hypocrite unless he thinks he himself should be sued for damaging cycling's image.

~ Cub