Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Roundup

VeloNews rewrites the three month surgery progress update by Dr. Brent Kay that appeared on

The VeloNews Saturday Mailbag contains an interesting theory which might just explain everything:

Dear Velo,
Early last year I read an article in which Floyd and Allen Lim arranged a ride during which they espoused the benefits of riding with a watt meter. The ride culminated at an In-And-Out Burger, which stuck in my mind as it reminded me of LeMond (and because I'm a clyde').

Now, I'm no nutritionist, and I've only been to an In-And-Out Burger once (and loved it), but I'd think that a fast food burger would contain all kinds of growth hormones, steroids, stimulants and other wacky stuff cattle are injected with these. Any chance one could ingest this stuff and have it show up as synthetic testosterone at a highly inopportune moment? Especially after a couple Amstels?

Anybody else getting hungry?
Scott A. Gordon

Cyclingpost rehashes yesterday's annoucement of the AFLD hearing to be held Feb. 8th in Paris. The same (or similar) piece can be found in The Chronical Herald as well as the Sunday Telegraph.

Neil@Road tell us why it was a good thing that Floyd (along with others) rode with him last year.

Rant's post yesterday about the AFLP summons elicits interesting comments.

MishmashBookshop (UK) runs year end Obituary for Pro Tour Cycling, or at least his interest.

Sportsfilter notes that Floyd makes Dick (Pound) a little testy. I'm sure the feeling is mutual.



Anonymous said...

ORG here ....

Has anyone heard this yarn? A business associate in Switzerland just sent this to me. I search the site and saw nothing about it.


that Americans dont have this:

"After Floyd Landis regained the lead of the Tour de France at the top of L'Alpe d'Huez he decided that he wanted a beer to celebrate the moment. On the road down to his hotel, his team car pulled over and the American traded a yellow jersey for a six-pack of beer with a spectator."

you gotta love that huh...


The only reason I ask is if this actually happened it would have occured moments after his final negative test and the day before he bonked. If true, could he have been containimated/food poisioned?

I doubt it's true but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Anonymous said...

Re: the "death of cycling" comments by Mishmash that you linked to. There are a lot of inaccuracies which I've corrected in a comment below it. Maybe you should warn people about these in your link?

Anonymous said...

Dick Pound: "But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Like giving someone as much unchecked power as you and your organization have and expect it to be used honestly?


Anonymous said...

I do remeber reading about him trading a yellow jersey for beer at about that time. I also remember thinking it may not have been the best thing to do. I have not been able to find the story, but have found several times it is alluded to, once here.