Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Roundup

TV New Zealand reads the Le Monde story about summons to the AFLP, and gives it the soothsaying headline, "Landis to be banned in France."

Dear God it's Dave wants to be delivered from Landis excuses and Britney, but not in that order.

Dugard is musing about a few things, some of the cycling related and some of them MLK related. But, he did briefly mention the Landis case's latest twist. He admits to be trying to reduce his Landis content.

Velogal believes that Landis may be losing his head in France:

Is there anyone out there who does not think that Floyd Landis is symbolically being led to the guillotine by the summons to France on February 8th? Judge, jury and executioner: AFLD - LNDD and ASO. They are going to make damn sure that Floyd will not ride in the Tour de France, following the orchestration of the ASO.

Doucheblog Cycling wasn't necessarily happy to see cycling covered on ESPN, but he did appreciate Phil Liggett's comments on doping and the Pro Tour.


ZENmud said...

Hello TbV,

Am trying to download the USADA files, man! there's no way to do it... the Huge main file Freezes, and the other files, each seemingly one page, don't provide 370 or whatever linx...

So I'll keep tryin...

crystelZENmud.blogspot said...

Zenmud, which source and which file(s) are you trying to get?

Other than patience, I haven't had any problems with the link of the full set at:

If you don't want the big PDF, pull the 11 B-L partials.