Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Roundup

The UPI picked up yesterday's LAT Michael Hiltzik piece in which it is revealed that the Landis defense team has asked the AFLD to delay proceedings against Landis scheduled for Feb 8.

The VeloNews finally catches up with the Landis requesting delay of AFLD hearing story.

Via email, Landis released a statement via Michael Henson about some comments Mr. Pound made in Lausanne. It appears Landis' new French legal team arranged a stay on the AFLD proceeding itself. On hearing this, Mr. Pound seems to have made public statements attempting to take some credit or claim influence.

Murietta, Ca., January 26, 2007 – Floyd Landis said, “Public comments by Dick Pound at the recent World Anti-Doping Agency symposium in Switzerland have as usual ranged from misleading statements to incredible falsehoods. The systemic problems with the integrity of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) current system must in part be reflecting his amazing disregard for the truth and proper conduct. Dick Pound’s continued enthusiasm for embarrassing WADA’s mission is disturbing to everyone like me who wants clean sports and a fair playing field, and his behavior must be demoralizing for those in his own organization who actually want to fight doping the right way.

Dick Pound’s public comments regarding my ongoing discussions with the French authorities once again breach principles of best practice and confidentiality. Through my counsel, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, we are working with the appropriate French authorities and the process has been professional and respectful to the interests of all parties concerned. Dick Pound should aspire to these standards.”

Neil@Road publishes his wattage numbers from the Mt Palomar climb Thursday at the Landis Power camp, including a picture of Landis himself on the climb.

A Chem Blog mentions that some students who participate in the blog (and supposedly in a chemistry class) have chosen FL's case to analyze as their chosen "analytical problem"

Joel White seems to approve of not only FL's new Dario Pegoretti bike, but also of the "Handeyisms" upon it.

SuperFunPatrol, in a very old piece, declares Landis tested positive for "Awesome", running afoul of the French Union for the Prevention of Awesome (FUPA).

Thought of the Day

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their
shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and
you'll have their shoes.


Anonymous said...

ORG here ...


I'm not understand Henson's email. What Pound statements is Henson's email referring to? Can you post more details, or lay it out?

Thanks said...

ORG, see for example the weds roundup,

"Reuters posts a story in which WADA chief Dick Pound is calling for more timely proceedings in doping cases. It also asserts that he wishes the AFLD to postpone its case against Landis until after the WADA/USADA proceedings have taken place:

Despite the slow progress of the case of American Landis, who tested positive for high levels of the male sex hormone testosterone during last year's Tour, Pound said WADA had asked French anti-doping officials to hold off on their investigation into the scandal."