Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Roundup

ProCycling writes briefly about the Landis request for a delay in the AFLD hearing.

The FFF is having a Town Hall in Brooklyn on Feb 7. Click on the image for details:

Bicycling did a blurb on the Pegoretti/Handey bike, with audio.

Brilf marvels at Floyd's new ride (a custom Pegoretti given to him by Saris) and loves the "graffiti" on the bike!

Rant wonders if Mr. Pound is polishing his image at the expense of the Landis defense team.

Triple Crankset thinks his money can be better used to fight cancer rather than in donation to the FFF.

Dugard is just getting confused by the procedural tangle of the Landis case, and doesn't get Prince at the Superbowl.

Erik posts the CycleOps video from the Landis Power Camp last week and muses that some poeple were really lucky to have been there.

Reginald Smythe offers a Commander McBragg-ish explanation what happened at Morzine.

Revisiting DPF, we find a good discussion wondering what's going on with the scheduling, whose interest is served by delay, and noting Landis has gone fairly quiet. There's also a timeline comparision with the Hamilton case.

Weight Weenies considers the Pegoretti, and a discussion of other matters gets squelched.

Back around July 20, the Serotta BBS had a thread that offered completions to, "Floyd is so tough...", and another of "Floyd Landis Facts".