Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TBV January Report

Talk about asleep at the switch, it's the 30th and I forgot all about the report due on the 29th. That'll teach me to pay attention to the paying job!

Let's see, in January, we had

  • procedurally a whole heap of nothing going on visibly with the USADA case;
  • the AFLD case come up as a big deal, and then seem to fizzle, at more expense to Landis;
  • the Floyd Fairness Fund open shop, and apparently collect $150,000 in the first month.
  • "Town Hall" meetings for the FFF
  • John LeLangue resurfaced, covering his backside.
  • Landis gave us a plug in a ROAD magazine interview.
  • Mr. Pound took a PR beating from the NYT Magazine, launching the "violating virgins" quote.
  • CBC ran a long story that was balanced enough folks from both ends of the spectrum complained;
  • Betsy Andreu responded at length to Rant's discussion of the CBC piece;
  • Mr. Pounds' "Roid Floyd" claim seems to have been debunked.
  • The Puerto investigation was stalled because someone in the Spanish goverment forgot to pay a 25,000 Euro lab bill.
  • Landis IS doing Leadville, and the promoter couldn't care less about sanctioning bodies.
  • Maclean's magazine collects the wit and wisdom of Mr. Pound.
  • Landis got some new high powered and high priced legal help.
  • Dr. Kay reports Landis' hip is recovering marvelously.
  • WETA radio ran an interview with Landis that NPR picked up, adding comments by Ayotte.
  • McQuaid shot himself in the foot with remarks unrelated to Landis.
  • Mr. Landis went to Washington, and talked with some folks in Congress.
  • Michael Hiltzik continued focusing his journalistic spotlight on WADA in the LA Times.
  • WADA started to back away from "strict liability" in a proposed Code update.
  • The Cofidis legal case in France wrapped up with a whimper.
  • Oscar Peirero got caught with his TUE paperwork in a bunch, but eventually came out intact and with a new appreciation of the media machine.
  • Landis ran his week-long training camp with a spiffy new bike, and rode the heck out of everybody, despite being overweight.
  • Patrick Lefevere of QuickStep had some dirty laundry aired out, suggesting he's more than a little hypocritical when it comes to taking a moral stand.
(I'll get around to putting links in the above later.)

The big question that remains open is: What is going on with the USADA proceeding?

Heck if I know.



Anonymous said...

Tygart is quoted in VeloNews that it's not up to them to set the hearing, it depends on the situation,blah,blah,blah.....a lot of nothing. Someone needs to put their feet to the fire. Prudhomme, rightly, does not understand what's taking so long, and he's not the only one!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, TBV, if I'd read down the page, to the tuesday roundup, I could have saved the my up-to-the minute comment! USADA has some reason for dragging this out...now my mind is wandering to conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

serious questions:

1. Does Landis and legal want us, the public, pushing for a faster turn around from USADA?

2. Who do we need to be writing / calling to put a bur in their saddle to get the hearing moving?

I just want to know if this kind of help is desired and who is link in the chain that we need to turn the heat up on. My guess is someone up stream from Tygart. but who?

Anonymous said...

Go to www.floydfairnessfund.org to learn about actions you can take, places to write and email. Hell, call up USADA and make some demands, you give them $8M of your tax $ per year.

Anonymous said...

ORG here ....

Floyd has ben strangely quiet about getting the hearing scheduled. I have to believe this is because he is ok with the length of time.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that may have something to do with the defense. Maybe it gives him some time to raise the money he needs...just a thought..

Anonymous said...

Slack, slack,slack, DBrower. But everyone misses a deadline occasionally. Even Zig.

marc said...

Well, I think it was a pretty good round-up in a month when nothing really happened, even if he was a day late and left out the Museeuw piece of the Belgian doping can of worms (only tangentially related, admittedly).

Monday was probably a holiday somewhere, anyway.


Anonymous said...

The ESPN article says USADA is ready to go, but the Floyd camp is still in discovery. This is why there is no date set yet. Please people, RTFA.