Saturday, January 27, 2007

Spy reports from Floyd Power Camp

People are arriving home from Floyd Power Camp, and spy reports are dribbling in. So far, we've heard that:

  • Everyone who sent a report had a splendid time.
  • People were warned not to crash into Landis trying to read the Jack Handey bike.
  • While not at competitive weight, Landis is riding well, pain free, and still ran circles around everyone when the road turned up.
  • This included some 20% grades on a 39x25, where he went up a few times, and circled back being supportive of the folks who were zig-zagging their way up.
  • He was routinely going out for additional rides in the afternoon with the hard-core.
  • His first bike as a kid was a Huffy BMX, but getting it wasn't a life defining moment.
  • Robbie Ventura is as positive a person as you'll ever meet, in a nice way.
  • An Allen Lim powerpoint show nearly put Amber Landis to sleep.
  • Hawthorns restaurant in San Diego is very nice.
  • Some riders from the Slipstream camp came to visit one night and had an exceptionally good time. Like they'd been let out of prison.
  • Saris sold a lot of wheel-sets at the camp-special price, and ran out of Floyd 'F' T-shirts.
  • The high end rides of choice were BMC and Cervelo, with a smaller number of Treks. No Giants made an appearance.
[Pictures arrived, posted here]


Theresa said...

Great report! I'm ready for pictures too!