Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Roundup

NPR Weekend Edition Saturday featured a story about the Landis defense ( using audio from last week's WETA interview in Arlington,VA) but with additional comment from WADA officals. Audio of the piece should be available after 1:00PM EST this afternoon.

VeloNews notes that Landis (along with Dave Z) attended the opening night of the Los Angeles Track World Cup.

The Winston-Salem Journal
posts an opinion piece written by Perry Craven who decides to contribute to the FFF in the honor of all cyclists:

Yesterday while doing my laundry, I decided that I would write a check to Floyd Landis, the winner of the Tour de France. The check would read, "The Floyd Fairness Fund" and would help him and his supporters cover legal and other professional fees and expenses in connection with Landis' defense and to help clear his name of doping charges.
My hope is that he is innocent of testing positive for the hormone testosterone during last year's Tour de France. And while I do not know Landis personally, I know, I think, the kind of person he must be or has been to be an accomplished cyclist, regardless of my thoughts about drugs.

Sporting Life
tells us that Pereiro has come up with the paperwork requested of him this week.

Rant sees a threat from within, and with friends like these cycling doesn't need enemies.

Looks like Neil@ROAD will also be a happy camper this week! Good luck to all who attend Power Camp, please come back in one piece!!

Mark McClusky
discusses TUEs and the dirty little secret of cycling.

Luna Cycles thinks that whether Landis is innocent or not,WADA should get its act together, and people who live in glass houses should watch what they say:
Seems ol' Oscar Pereiro isn't quite as pristine as he wants to make himself out to be. The guy who wants Landis convicted by the kangaroo court of anti-doping so he can be crowned winner of the '06 TdF, tested positive twice for salbutimol during the tour. In a big old F*** you to the UCI, the TdF organization says it doesn't care that Pereiro had a "medical exemption" to used the banned substance. I sure am glad all of the bureaucrats are having a successful go at destroying professional cycling.

Alliwannadoisbicycle ponders the state of the cycling union.

Thought of the Day:

if you are a happy employee does that make you 'gruntled' ?

- Jack Handey-


alliwannadoisbicycle said...

great blog! I'm glad someone else is speaking out against the system that has failed floyd and many other riders. i actually wrote a whole piece on it in a previous blog post- check it out:

I also made t-shirts!

anyway, you've been linked! feel free to do the same!

Thinnmann said...

In the NPR report, they have audio from Doctor Christiane Ayotte, director of the Doping Control Laboratory at Montreal's Institut National de la Recherché Scientifique, who, "spoke generally about Landis, but has not read the case." Would you believe that she has not read the case? Why would she speak, then, and why would NPR use her opinion if she has not read the case?

The NPR narrator paraphrases Ayotte thusly, "In essence what Ayotte is saying is that Landis still tested positive for testosterone.... Ayotte says landis deserves to see the results of his other doping tests that came back negative."

Ayotte turns up in some very interesting places with a Google search - including remarks that seem to support Armstrong during that 2005 EPO-old-frozen-urine incident, and an article about her lab almost losing IOC accredation in 2000 due to failure to comply with international standards.

Unknown said...

Pretty surprising to find a ton of hits on my blog today. Traced it back to your site; sure sorry I didn't know about you before, but kudos to keeping the faith! I'll be linking to you to help keep people involved in this issue!