Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday Roundup

VeloNews passes on AP report that Gatlin and Landis were the top sport scandals of the year. has insight into the Landises' Christmas at home 2006:

"Amber and I live from day to day now," said Landis in an interview with Sportworld, published on Sunday. "We make the best of it. It's never going to be as it was before; the last few months have been a turning point in my life. The holidays will serve as a mental rest."

Sam Abt in the IHT wrote a story on Dec 21 we missed about the Landaluze decision. As usual, Abt concisely summarizes the import in short paragraphs without a wasted word.

The Idiotarian Savant approves of not only yesterday's LAT piece by Michael Hiltzik but also of last week's series and thinks they deserve a Pulitzer.

Gene Bisbee at Biking Bis recounts the story from LancasterOnLine of FL's parents' short lecture tour (with a few added details).

Steroid Nation tells a story of the early use of PEDs.

TheBestEdu has the answer for doping: Hypnosis.

Amphichon is a bit behind his Landis news details, but the outline is sadly still correct:
Floyd Landis is still working to clear his name, having requested on 11 September that the US Anti-Doping Agency review and dismiss his case. (See his arguments here at, if you’re curious.) Seems unlikely that there will be any definitive answer to the question of his innocence or guilt anytime soon, which is a shame, because it casts a shadow over the entire sport in the meantime.



Anonymous said...

ORG here ....


The January 2007 issue of "Wired" (on newsstands but not yet online) has a brief bio of Pound and of doping/testing, more critical of Pound. This quote from the article that sums it up best is...

"Call it Pound's paradox: In the Code, Pound has created a framework that could restore faith in athletes and sports. But his inability to live by the Code may make him exactly the wrong person to lead the fight."

It talks about how he doesn't keep confidental test results before B samples are analyzed.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone... Thanks Mr. TBV for all this, I know Floyd is very greatful. (And thank you Mrs. TBV for being ever so patient.) Thankfully all the bikes were picked up for the holidays, and now it is time to relax a bit. I hope everyone has a safe filled holiday full of cool new bike goodies. Time for my annual Christmas Eve mountain bike ride, so again, Happy Holidays to All...
Green Mountain Cyclery
Ephrata, PA.

Anonymous said...

Here's a Christmas gift in the ole inbox from

Dear Subscriber,

A brand new treat for you this holiday!

We have exclusive footage of Dave Z, Shaun Wallace, Bob Roll and an exclusive interview with Floyd Landis in San Diego. This will be on the free channel and the Premium channel.

Of course that isn’t everything, on the UCI channel we have the Cyclo cross World Cup . LIVE on Boxing Day (26th December)

Keep your eyes peeled for these treats!

Pommi said...

TBV, Merry Christmas and Mahalo for the great service you're doing with your web site for the cycling community.

Anonymous said...

Monsieur TBV,

Best to you and your family this holiday season. You are truly appreciated and your effort to keep the world informed of all things Landis has made Santa very proud.

Le Ferret

Anonymous said...

Hello TBV - thanks for the update and for the quote. (Incidentally, it's spelled Amphichon, but as it's not a real world, it's completely understandable that you might have trouble with it. :)

I appreciate the effort you've put into this site - it's a great resource. Please keep up the good work.

Happy holidays to you and yours,