Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

From PezCycling News comes the Eurotrash post Christmas edition with news about the Landis arbitration hearing in March, Landis and Pereiro (who apparently feels rather ill about the delays), and Landis and Armstrong in Leadville.

continues its year end review with a look back at July and a cursory look at the tour.

Sam Abt does a yearly review for IHT: "A bad year nears a confusing end"

Coffey's Daily News article makes another appearance in the 26-Dec Tucson Star.

Cyclingpost.com passes on VeloNews awards: Landis is named the "Best American Cyclist of the Year":

Former Phonak Hearing Systems rider Floyd Landis is honored as best American cyclist of the year by Velonews.
The 2006 Tour de France winner got no less than 61.59 per cent of the votes, followed by Discovery Channel's George Hincapie with 27.91 per cent and Levi Leipheimer with 10.49 per cent.

Also from Cyclingpost.com Oscar Pereiro expresses disappointment at not being declared the actual TdF winner:
In this year's edition of the French Grand Tour, the Caisse d'Epargne rider finished second after Floyd Landis, who delivered a positive doping test after the seventeenth stage and risks to lose his victory.

Triple Crankset (in a post from yesterday) wants to know why these things take forever?

Dallas/Ft Worth Cyber Cycling talks about hip and recovery, briefly.

Steroid Nation talks about Henry Skibby's book, and concludes:
All the Floyd Landis defenses in the world are not going to stop the world form looking upon this sports as incredibly tainted.

Steroid Nation is not saying all cyclists are dopers. However, cyclists must recognize the outside world's opinions, and to regain and maintain any credibility, cyclists need to take action, other than invest incredulous excuses, and blame others.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about the poor writing in the blog 'Steroid Nation' that you quote. Early day, and long hours working outside before I start back regular work dulled my brain. However, all these accounts of cycling dopers discourages me. The consequences of the doping - health costs, athletes caught up in cheating, and perhaps innocent athletes labeled cheaters - should motivate the sport to cleanse itself of doping.

thanks for linking

'Steroid Nation'

Anonymous said...

Oscar needs to STFU.

Anonymous said...

No, Pez needs to cram it with walnuts. Oscar has been cheated out of his title.

scifitwin said...

Oscar needs to choose a position and stick with it. If he wants to be the righteous True Tour Champ then he needs to pick that and go with it and stop waffling between the demure, "the process is not finished yet" and "I am the One True Winner." Also, he should choose one with a little passion.