Tuesday, December 19, 2006


In Sunday's TBV, Mr. Pound, the head of WADA, was quoted in a Daily News article as saying about Landis,

He has to find some way to overcome the fact that there is an A and B sample that is up to its eyeballs in testosterone.

Numerous readers (and blogs) have pointed out that Landis' testosterone values, reported in the Lab Documentation Pack at USADA_101 and USADA_288 for the A and B sample respectively, are 45.4 and 45.7 ng/l, which are well within the range of normal. The statement that any of Landis's samples is "up to it's eyeballs in testosterone" is factually incorrect.

TBV regrets Mr. Pound's error, and hopes this does not reflect his command of other facts in the case.



Anonymous said...


The best thing Landis has done is make his information public. As you well know, the facts, are often much different than Dick would have us beleive. If there is anything that Dick has used at his full disposal, it is the court of public opinion and swaying the hearts and minds of the public against sportsmen.

I'm sure Floyds team is already addressing this but they really should make an official response/Press release pointing out that Dick's statement is blatantly misleading and flat out false.

Atown, Tx

Unknown said...

TOO MANY ACRONYMS. Can you take it easy with the acronyms please for those who dont live this case.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see if Dick has actually read any of the Landis Papers. Someone should quiz him and Pat "Lonewolf" McQuaid by asking detailed questions. I think the majority of the press probably hasn't delved very far into the material.

Paging Carlton Reid . . .

DBrower said...

Chief, it's pretty hard to avoid, and this article wasn't all that heavy on them compared to some.

I know it's inconvenient, but the GLOSSARY link up there on the top right in the grey part of the sidebar ought to answer any questions.