Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Roundup

Eurotrash Monday at PezCyclingNews repeats the story first posted on last week about FL's recent ride with Dr. Kay and the progress of his recovery.

Recovox runs with the medical update/training ride.

Podium Cafe argues we still need the Pro Tour.

Triple Crank Set talks about ProTour "ethics" and Puerto, and "Bad Boy Floyd". Comments plug TBV.

ChicoGino passes word that Bobke thinks Landis is clean.

Prydonia wants the aliens to take Landis away.

The Sports Tire
attempts humorous fiction about FL and Mark McGwire

Cody tries to show Landis innocent.



strbuk said...

Well if Chico Gino is so convinced let's hear about what Bobke has to say!!