Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Roundup

Quote of the Day

I suppose it's possible that they use a careful and considered statistical approach privately, and then make ridiculous statements in public that are the complete opposite, just for appearances. But to me, when I see Dick Pound calling for longer punishments, tighter test margins, and no B samples, I believe that this is what he actually wants. And there is no statistical interpretation now that rationally leads to the things that he is calling for.


CyclingNews covers David Witt Memorial Cycling Classic discussed below by Neil@road, who was first.

Grauniad covers changes to doping enforcement in UK and w/CSC, brief Landis mention.

Neil@Road announces David Witt Memorial Cycling Classic 17-Dec
at San Diego Velodrome, with appearances by Landis, Zabriskie, Sarah Hammer, Bob Roll, Arnie Baker, Robbie Ventura, Allen Lim and Dr. Kay -- pretty much the whole gang. Proceeds to benefit families of firefighters lost in the Esperanza fire.

Rant makes the case the man to fix WADA is... James Baker.

Cyclingteam.info demonstrates the market for Landis memorobilia isn't dry, with video of the auction.

Dugard is fretting about his tour planning, and that the Landis hearing may be slipping into March. We saw slip-sliding with Hamilton, but it seemed later in the process by my memory.

DANOS Modern Life has deep thoughts about what FL could/should do....
What’s Floyd Landis up to? Is he the winner of last years Tour? Unofficial winner? What?
Murderati writes an eclectic piece, and in a small blurb proclaims the media has abandoned FL.

SciFiTwin thinks Landis may have found a second job. The guy in this commercial has an eerily familiar laugh.

Mr. Irrelevant does not place Landis in the top 40, but he does get votes.

At alt.mountain.bike, in the decades long war* between net.legend Mike Vandeman and all things mountain bike, Landis is used as an poster child of someone who could have ridden but not walked a trail.
Do you like my mountain-bike?
Do you like it? Do you, Mike?

I do not like your mountain-bike.
Leave it home! Go for a hike!
Too many gears! Enormous treads!
You rip my favorite trails to shreds!
You may not ride it here or there,
You may not ride it anywhere!

*No shit. First documented shot by Vandeman: June 10, 1989. You could look it up, say May 1998.



Anonymous said...

I just read on Martin Dugard's site that Floyd's case may not be heard til March. March?! MARCH!
Is that what you've heard too?

I've never followed any "drug-test cases" before so don't know - is this interminable delay the norm? Why?