Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Roundup

(mostly) Silent night...

VeloNews monday mail runs 2:1 in favor of Landis as North American cyclist of the year.

CyclingPost pulls more from
Belgian sportspaper Sportwereld interview, and thinks a decision will come in March. Sounds optimistic to us -- hearing maybe, but decision? Landis is quoted:
"I want to be a cycling pro again. I don't know if this will be the case next season, or the year after. But in March I'll show to the world that nothing happened," said the Tour de France winner.

"And after that, I'll do anything in order to win the Tour a second time," he concluded.

AP via ESPN hasLandis in a distant tie for 7th in their athlete of the year polling.

In a piece originally published a while back, PhilFactor makes a correlation many have wondered about in his Christmas wish list:
7. Another shot at the Tour De France for Floyd Landis. He doesn’t have enough testosterone to grow a decent goatee much less cheat at a bicycle race.