Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Roundup

LA Times has a slide show to go along with the doping enforcement story we reported yesterday, published in today's Sunday edition. Good picture of Landis on S17, struggling in a pseudo-timetrial position with Sinkewitz sucking wheel.

The Times (UK) has a short story, referring to a series of interview Landis gave over the weekend, and fans the conflict between Landis and LeMond:

The Landis case has divided the American sports community and fuelled a bitter exchange between Landis and Armstrong and the first American winner of the Tour, Greg LeMond.

LeMond rejected the suggestion of French incompetence. “It’s just another spin to convince people that Americans could never cheat,” he said.

Yesterday's Evening Standard article "Innocent Man or Cheat" has been reprinted in any number of UK Sunday editions such as SportingLIfe .com's "Landis Pleads for a Fair Trial", or in the CheshireOnline Sunday edition under the same by line. Eurosport respins the same article emphasizing retirement if he loses.

Dugard thinks the LAT article may be the turning of the tide.

Rant reads Mr. Pound's book, "Inside Dope" on a plane flight, sends Hulk Hogan scurrying on sight of the book.
All in all, Inside Dope does a good job of giving the Gospel of WADA according to Dick. It is a decidedly one-sided effort aimed at making the case for the World Anti-Doping Agency and why it should lead the anti-doping efforts in the wide world of sport.

Shock of the Old say the LAT is committing heresy by questioning dope testing, calls it a "still timid piece".

SD Cycling talks about the upcoming Witt Memorial event, featuring Landis, Zabriskie and more. Promoted by Dr. Kay, this is a benefit for the Esperanza Firefighters on 17-Dec, next Sunday, 1:00-4:00.

20 Million Minutes
knows what he wants Santa to give Landis.

Cycledog condenses the LAT story.

DPF considers the LAT article, and oscillates between it being a good article and one that is taking the side of the dirty dopers by not talking enough about how bad they are.



Vemos said...

Thanks for the ping. You are doing great work by tracking this whole mess. . .

Theresa said...

I think the LAT is doing a good job putting out the problems with testing. I didn't know any of those athletes, except Floyd and Tyler,of course, and it did show there is always two sides!! The athletes that are suspended "just because" open the eyes of people that have no idea of the inner workings of the WADA. I want Dick Pound to go to....the pound...and be subjected to unfair tests see how it feels with the shoe on the other foot! I really can't stand him...he's right with Prez Bush on my list!