Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Roundup

Ah yes, it's April Fools again, remember this as you go through your day and take heed of Ben Franklin's sagacious words:

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

The Richmond Times Dispatch previews this week's upcoming US Open Cycling Championships to be run between Colonial Williamsburg and the city of Richmond,VA on April 7. Previously it had been stated that an appearance would be made there by Floyd Landis, but no mention of his attendance is made in this piece.

The Capital Region Business Journal writes an extensive article concerning the use of interns by major corporations to help with product problems solving. Saris hired one such intern to implement testing procedures on the measurement and then prevention of water leakage into the Cycle Ops Powermeter hubs.

The Age (Aus) talks about Thorpe, and the T/E test in particular, with reference to Landis and the IRMS. They think Thorpe did not have a positive IRMS, but of course, we only know rumours at this point. They are grasping at the 4:1 instead of 6:1 issue.

The Daily Telegraph, a News Corp (think Fox) outlet also looks at Thorpe, and offers this delightful interpretation:

It must not be lost that Thorpe was not cleared by Australian doping officials last May, but instead had the case thrown out for "lack of scientific proof''.

In other words, a technicality.

Scotts PR Racing Space tells us that tomorrow is the big day at last. The day Scott is having his hip resurfaced with the BHR. He is a bit nervous, but finds inspiration in the Floyd Landis hip resurfacing saga:
For the first several days and possibly weeks I will need to use a cane or walker to assist my walking.
Floyd Landis of Tour de France fame had the same procedure done on September 27th of last year and was on his indoor trainer riding without resistance 5 days later. The doctor has recommended using an Ellipitical Trainer for workouts for about a month to reduce the stress on the incision.

RY Hedoff breaks the shocking news that through its new "No Dope" program WADA has found that Mr. Dick Pound has tested positive for the testosterone producing substance Lithium Argide (LiAr) which produces the following effects:
  • A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited power
  • The need for constant and excessive admiration
  • A strong sense of entitlement
  • Taking advantage of the misfortune of others for one’s own personal gain
  • A lack of empathy towards others
  • Displays of arrogance
  • A grandiose sense of self-importance

In a related item it is also been revealed that Pat McQuaid has been admitted to the Betty Ford Clinic with a rare form of dependence on AsSuHol, which is a highly addictive derivative of grain alcohol.

Good Versicherung notes that Ian Thorpe is very angry that results of an old test were leaked to the press before he had a chance to find out exactly what was involved a la Floyd Landis. This sounds disturbingly familiar.

ToddBrock snarkily lumps Floyd Landis in with a whole bunch of people who he feels are notorious liars. Tood deplores liars, but thinks that society invariably rewards them, and that the liars themselves actually believe what they are being duplicitous about.

Amprazis was very impressed with the watts Floyd Landis produced Friday night at the M2 Revolution Cycle and Motion Studio in San Francisco.

Baby Gant'
s big brother Jasper has a page devoted to pictures, including ones of him finding his toes. What's important is that we get a link, showing the family is thinking right thoughts.


Drew said...

Thanks for noticing that I added a link to your excellent blog. I'm also excited to find out if the rumors about the Dallas FFF event are true. Please keep up the good work so that more people can find the facts.

Baby Gant's dad,
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