Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Roundup

Michael Henson sends mail to folks on the FFF list announcing changes to the site:

NEW “Events” Section – In order to keep you updated on where we’ll be holding our next FFF Town Hall and to allow those of you who have attended one of our Town Halls the ability to share your experiences through photography, we’ve added an “Events” section.

NEW Online Store – We’ve gotten many requests for FFF merchandise. If you go to our new online store, you can buy FFF t-shirts, hats, limited edition t-shirts, as well as limited edition Smith & Nephew cycling jerseys and shorts – the same kit that Floyd rides in today.

UPDATED Wiki Defense Slide Show – To stay up to date on some of our newest arguments in Floyd’s defense, Dr. Arnie Baker’s “What’s Fair is Clear” slideshow 3.0 has replaced version 2.0.

UPDATED “Get Involved” Section – We’ve been working hard in Washington D.C. to ensure that your taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund a distinctly un-American legal system. You can help us make sure that the US Government holds USADA to a higher standard by perusing the new material on our “Get Involved” section and sending a letter to one, or all, of the Members of Congress listed there. Please make the effort to write. Your letters are critical to our efforts to ensure Floyd a fair hearing.

We are confident that if Floyd’s case is heard on its merits, then truth will come to light, Floyd’s innocence will be proven beyond doubt and we will have achieved much toward our goal of introducing basic principles of justice and fairness into an unjust legal system so that no other athlete will have to experience Floyd’s current travails. Our website is crucial to keeping you involved in that fight. We hope that you enjoy the upgrades.

News reviews the Thorpe allegations, noting L'Equipe spreading its love from cycling to other sports.

BikeBiz also reports on the FFF Youtube video, and spells out the perks of being a big time contributor to the cause:

Future and former contributors to the Floyd Landis Fairness Fund will get 'freebies', ranging from a signed thank you note from the Tour de France winner himself – for $75 contributions – through to a personalised, signed yellow jersey to those who cough $2000. Donors who contribute $50+ get a thank you note from Henson. Pay $5000+ and you'll get a personalised, signed yellow jersey plus invites to VIP receptions and Team Wiki Floyd Fairness Fund events.

VeloNews announces that AT&T is now the major sponsor of the Tour de Georgia, which will be without last year's defending champion Floyd Landis..

More Mind Food recommends "Lance Armstrong's War" by Daniel Coyle, not for the Lance Armstrong content, but for the chapter on Floyd Landis, which IS a good read. MMF is taking the "they all dope" position.

LoungeLizard in a snark of the day contender, is SO pissed off that Jan Ullrich, Tyler Hamilton, and Floyd Landis are cheats that he MAY not watch pro cycling again any time soon and he just wishes they would all quit cheating!

Pommi seems pleased that the FFF web site is announcing fund raising events well in advance of their ocurrance, and he is thinking these may be among the last before Floyd's May 14th USADA hearings at Pepperdine.

Kevin Haugh went swimming in such cold water this AM with friends that it took him a minute to register just who one of his mates went cycling with yesterday.

Road Riding cynically thinks any time a rider denies using PEDs he is probably afraid of getting fired (that tack didn't seem to help Floyd Landis), or that he is afraid of going to jail if he admits to using, or both. Oh, and cycling fans have their heads in the sand about cyclists and PEDs. We could have our heads up, well, you get the drift.

Rant wants Ullrich to get a better defense or come clean.

40 fandoms uses last summer's stage 16 and 17 of the Tour de France and the setting for some "fiction".

QuickRelease.TV notes the FFF video on youtube, with minor complaint about minutes of black at the end.

Chill-Blog (translated) thinks Ullrich just goes to show it a tour of Doping, and Landis was the Bass Drum.

Thought for the day

"Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench. Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity. -lao tzu-


Unknown said...


Floyd and Co. will be in Dallas, TX on May 6th, at the Marriott in Irving, from 6 to 9pm. Go to for more information on how to sign up.

I knew it was going to happen, now it is...


Pommi said...

The date for the Atlanta Townhall Meeting was corrected/changed from Apr 17 to Apr 18.