Sunday, April 08, 2007


Following up Pommis's post from yesterday...

[WAIT!!! There's MORE Peeps]

Peeps on the prohibited list.

At the Peep Phairness Phund.

Capt. TBV had previously nailed a jelly bean to the mast as a reward for the first sighting of the yellow peep.

LNDP forgot that the bodies were required in the LDPeep

Despite presence on the civilian prohibited list, the army had no qualms distributing the "go-peeps"

Wanting to be in the Olympics, the pink bunnies didn't realize the impact the Peep Code would have, or what their leader, Dick Peep, would say frequently in public to hurt their reputation.

Climbing Taylor St at the end of the day, the weaker peeps took to weaving.

It is important to calibrate the LNDP's HECC with blank peeps before running the experiments.

The hearing is coming soon.

Dr. de Peepurizz under cross-examination.

The rumour was picked up first by L'Equipeep.

Peepor occasionally made mistakes on the lab documents, but usually it didn't matter.

Peep McQuaid wonders what is happening.


strbuk said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peeps!!