Thursday, April 12, 2007

All Apologies

I want to apologize to all the many people who've sent mail, PM-ed and posted comments various places the last few days. I'm way behind on replies, and I'm not sure that I'll catch up. If you haven't heard from me, know that I read everything, even if I'm not responding at the moment. I usually try, but this has just been overwhelming.

Thanks for the interest and concern.



swimyouidiot said...

Dave, thank you for all you do. You make it far easier for the rest of us to keep up on this stuff. I can't imagine how you do all this and keep a day job, no less ever get in a ride. Great work. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continueing efforts.
Did you notice that the Wiki slide show is now on the FFF site, with voice over from Baker?

strbuk said...

TBV does work VERY hard, but gets a little help now and then.

str said...

Actually, TBV is kept afloat by STRBUK, who for the last months has probably put more words in than me, even though y'all foolishly give me the credit.

Hail STRBUK! Get her some Peeps!


strbuk said...

I'll take the peeps, you mean the easter peeps, right? I like the yellow ones. Thanks for the kind words!