Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

CyclingNews and VeloNews raced each other to report that Ullrich's DNA seems to have matched some of the Puerto blood bags, and that German authorities are threatening fraud actions against him.

The Fort Wayne News Sentinel gets in on the latest snark fest with the little nugget that Ian Thorpe will be changing his nickname to "Floyd Landis".

FoxSports, Oz Division, thinks Thorpe can't win this one. Aside from the innuendo, Thorpe seems to be carrying some baggage.

The Age (Aus) notices that T/E tests aren't conclusive.

The Mercury News writes about an appearance by Mr. Pound at Stanford Law School:

[L]eaks, Pound said after his lecture, have created credibility issues for drug testers.

The WADA chief, who has exchanged verbal shots with cyclist Floyd Landis, praised the Tour de France winner Monday for a clever Web-based campaign to prove his innocence. Landis, who tested positive for artificial testosterone, has posted hundreds of pages of material on his Web site. He also has toured the country to answer questions about his case, which is scheduled to be heard next month.

Pound told the sports-law class that Landis' media blitz is a smart defense. "It is designed to cast doubt," he said.

But he questioned whether it would sway arbitrators, who also will hear the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's arguments in the case.

Arnie Baker announces June 26 publication of his ebook, "The Wiki Defense: How the French Lab (LNDD) & US Anti-Doping Agency Botched Floyd's Test". It'll be better if a paper publisher picks it up too.

As promised, Part II of Landis calling spin races in Brooklyn:

Rant goes after Thorpe's leakers, with "whatareyagonnado" about L'Equipe.

Bill the Butcher comes up with a snarkily novel theory of entitlement and substance abuse and wonders if Floyd Landis was pre programmed to think he had the right to guzzle steroids by watching Popeye cartoons? But let's it, face spinach can only be blamed for so much, and Floyd grew up without a TV!!

Kurt Snibble of ESPN.com Page 2 shows us why last summer's Tour de France was a difficult one for Floyd Landis. Who knew that Floyd was friends with TomKat?

Paige Dunn keeps her word and posts briefly about her Friday talk with Landis, along the video below, with her apologies for being incomplete.

(For me, after "he'll be back", it's all black for 4:50)

FLITM has received modest venture financing, and is expanding the Free Floyd store (proceeds to FFF) so you can get what you want instead of only he was offering:
Say you want the black long sleeve t’ with the flag hoisting Floyd; no problem. No wait, I want the “pop-my-collar” Floyd; again, no problem. Mixing and Maxing will not be an issue.

The Free Floyd mug is sure to be a big-seller, but wait, there's MORE!

Who wouldn't want a Patriotic Floyd shirt for their dog?

Gio at Myspace probably doesn't (want one), as he compares Ullrich to Landis:

Jan now needs to get his $$$ and himself out of town, hide the money he made in a sack and burry it because here come the lawyers. The defense they gave is pretty lame, as lame as floyd Landis' because its the same. "There is a conspiricy!!!" Well while I wouldn't put it past the French, its still weak. You would think those over paid blood suckers would have a better defense than that but WTF!! They clearly are not even trying.

Here at TBV, we don't believe in conspiracies when incompetence and stupidity will suffice for explanation.

The DPF discussion of IRMS Mass discrimination has wandered off science and into existential debate. Probably the good stuff is over.

Thought for the Day

I don't pretend to have all the answers, I don't pretend to even know what the questions are. Hey where am I? -jh-


Anonymous said...

I see that Baker gives TBV well-deserved credit in the pre-publication blurb about his new book.

DBrower said...

If only he'd spelled my name right!

Sniff. Time for more Cherry Garcia.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see at least a couple of things in the Baker ebook announcement. First, that they have help from Phonak team physician Denise Demir (at least I hadn't heard that before). It seemed like the relationship with all the Phonak people went sour pretty quickly, so that is good to hear. And secondly that they have some WADA lab insiders working for team Landis anonymously. That could be very valuable!

Thomas A. Fine said...

Popeye was consuming an all-natural everyday food item, and as such it would not be banned. Underdog's "vitamin pills" ... now that's another story.

Cherry Garcia of course falls into a different class. It's not exactly performance-enhancing. But the usage you're suggesting is more akin to recreational drug use. Personally, I prefer Phish Food.

And let me tell you, it's hard work carrying thirty or forty pints of Phish Food up every hill I climb.